first 4 are nice. have a kaws feel over them. rest is pretty messy or not executed enough. keep it up

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i really like the grading. pretty nice locations aswell. though shakyness shows at times so stability could improve. shot handheld?

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[Quote]no. it's actually pretty tasty aswell. also with adding fruits&chocs.

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ex-addiction. nowadays more balanced. this + pure chocolade pieces.  [Image]

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this looks pretty epic

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oh new stuff. i remember watching the cuba prostitution doc. can't seem to find it anywhere nowadays.

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^ bumping 2013..Lol. anyways for anyone still wondering. [Image]

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[Quote]just read your post. it's ignorant as hell. but yea said my thing. do with it what you want.

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[Quote]yea they did. the amount was just much less. it's more roasts than actual fits being posted now. and just because you're used to something doesn't mean it's right. imagine how the forum and the community would be if it was more uplifting through the years. don't defend stupidity.

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what's with all this negativity/talking shit so much? this is another reason why many people left this forum. realise by basicly spamming the forums you destroy the place you seem to visit so often. if you like a fit then like it or show some respect/grat. if you don't like someones outfit then don't. but why you have to post to laugh at or how much you dislike it. while you're on the computer you might as well make the best of it instead of wasting time and making yourself look like a bitter 14 year old.

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smokeyface [Embed content]

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found these from a year ago while checking phone pics [Image]

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Captain Al, Reistlust, Hentai, Half Baked

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[Embed content] yes people. internet age. cop vids are leaking . post them up. good or bad. share and discuss if you want.

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