check [URL] got that white one, grey, and navy also

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[URL] has FSR

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yeah, i know some of the buttons suck sorry about that. i'll fix it soon. i got one XL of the grey and L-XXL of the red.

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[URL] has been updated and re-organized. to celebrate this monumental achievement, get 10% off when you mention the password: "new england clam chowder" or just say you saw it on HB. discount good until sunday 8/27

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[URL] for phone orders

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can't find what you're looking for? try [URL] they're life savers!

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Get 10% off ANY item from [URL] until Sunday 8/13/06 if you mention hypebeast forum! (214) 559-6154

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adikt in dallas has all the spring/summer ish you slept on! check the styles out on the website ([URL]) then call in your order (214-559-6154). your life will be saved! brands include 10 deep, mishka, mighty healthy, king stampede, jask, spoon fed, rocksmith, seventh letter, dissizit!, playing for keeps, greedy genius, creative rec

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for larger platens, screens and any other supplies, visit [URL] and get the education version for like $100 vs $400.

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yeah, AA does have some soft tees but the fit is small. as far as a thick shirt goes, hanes beefy tees are 6.1 oz and don't shrink at all. i heard that one of the partners from american apparel started his own company and its basically the same fit but the quality and thickness is better, i can't remember the name though. i know that franco shade uses them.

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american apparel shirts aren't very good, they're thin and shrink a great deal. the same goes for they're hoodies. i think that a lot of companies use Hane's Beefy T or other 6+ ounce t-shirts. but i'm not sure about hoodies. are you planning on silk-printing yourself?

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wow, word travels fast. yes look for ADiKT in june. hey crook, where did you hear about ADiKT?

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i will tell you first hand what is in store for you, i've just gone through the whole process very recently. first, business plan - you'll need a good business plan that includes description of the store, market, demographic, competition, cost estimation, sales projections for the first year broken down by quarter as well as year 2 and 3, and maybe a personal balance sheet. charts and graphs help, especially in nice bright colors. just make sure you know what you and your store is all about before you try to explain it in a buiness plan. second, money - about $100,000-$120,000. you could maybe get away with $75,000, but i my opinion, if this is a "specialty boutique" you can't cut corners. i mean custom everything from shopping bags to the sheving and walls. if you don't have the money already, good luck finding someone to fund a boutique that only sells independent label clothes and sneaks, cuz that's pretty much all you'll have for at least 6-12 months. most companies (nike, adidas) won't even talk to you unless you're shop is open. third, location - i don't care where you find the spot, fucking with the landlord/leasing agents has got to be the biggest headache. again, you have to try to explain to some old guy the whole concept of "streetwear" or "sneaker boutique" and that just doesn't apeal to most people. then after you convince them that you can move your product and generate sells, you get a lease. make sure you have someone qualified (like a lawyer) to look over your lease for or with you to make sure you don't get screwed (too bad). also, you may not think you'll need all that much space but storage of shoeboxes takes up a lot of space. so you'll need at least 1000 sqft. i don't know about philly but think close to $30+/sq ft/year so about $2500 a month and that's not including triple net (insurance, common area maint, real estate taxes) which will be about $10/sq ft/year so it will actually be $3,333/month; that's just rent. fourth, product - go to magic, projet, and pool tradeshows in vegas. or just read the posts in HB and other forums. but before you can go to the shows you'll need a federal tax ID, otherwise, i think you can just pay and get in. finding contacts is hard, getting contacts to call you back is harder, getting contacts to sell to you before you're open is the hardest. like i said earlier, the big companies won't talk to you until your opened. think about all the phone calls nike gets with people asking to open a quickstrike account. there's no way they'll let anyone with a business plan and a few bucks in their pocket have a quickstrike account. so plan on how you will make up for the absence of nike and adidas for at least a year. if you can't make it without nike, you won't make it at all. last, opening - throw a slammin party and let everyone on the block know who the new big swingin dick of philly is. i'm sure there are a million little details i've left out, but you'll find them and pull half your hair out trying to figure it all out. but once everything is set and your shop is'll find a million more things to pull the other half of your hair out. lesson learned...shave your head.

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the first releases will be in late may and retail at $100-160.

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