thats pretty cool

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bassfaced blog...look it up Great, great site to check out if you are a fan of the wobble. I've been loving Kode 9, Martyn and Starkey lately.

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Never Ever is the jam.

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sounds a little too much like eminem and i hate the one song that everyone loves, but his mixtape is pretty good.

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[URL] his art is the shit. ive got a custom hat from him, its really nice to know that no one else will ever be wearing the same hat as me.

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ha i went to drjays this afternoon looking for the baby trees and the aztec skull and they werent there...thanks

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Anyone got any idea? is sold out and thats the only place I could find it. Also, the only LRG t-shirt i've got is a LRG and STS9 collaboration, would this shirt run true to LRG's sizing. This shirt seems to fit almost small for an XL, does LRG normally run large? Thanks yall.

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i think its crazy. just as i would never buy tickets to a game or show from a scalper i will never support someone who buys kicks just to make a buck. its stupid imo.

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I understand this whole supply and demand thing, but what the fuck. I assume the reason people buy sneakers is to wear them, right? I'm sorry, I just don't get it. I go to the marketplace and I see some dude who has bought like 5 pairs of shoes and is ignoring all offers under 500 dollars?! I guess he/she camped out for them, but I hope you all realize that by paying these insane prices you allow it to continue happening. I see these people as the scalpers of the shoe world...why keep someone who actually wants to WEAR the shoe from doing so? I'll get flamed, but damn that is stupid.

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These do exist dont they? What are they called? I can't find any pictures, but I sware i've seen them before...

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oh well, like i said i had no idea if they were fake or not. i was just trying to possibly do someone a favor. too bad though. sorry rahdragon...sorry, but im not intrested. i dont have nearly enough $ for a pair of tiffany's and im trying to save up enough to get the lunars, hopefully my first pair of limited dunks.

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Wish I had the money, but I don't so here it goes. [URL] Theres the link. I don't know if the kicks are legit or not, but the seller seems to be. Good feedback anyway. Hope that helps someone out.

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I wouldn't be suprised if y'all didn't already know who this guy is, but im going to shamelessly plug him. He makes great pieces of art along with sick custom hats and shoes. He also did a pair of shoes for New Balance. Check out his stuff at [URL]

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I dunno, i like these much more than some of the other kicks that get a lot of hype. I like the simplisticness of them. Sorry, but I don't need 27 different colors on my shoes.

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In the last little while Phish w/ JayZ- 99 Problems Disco Biscuits- Save the Robots GZA- Liquid Swords

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