I have been wearing APC Petite Standards size 28 for nearly a year now and they fit perfectly but are falling apart on me. What would the equivalent be for the Samurai 710s? (I understand the Samurai's aren't as skinny and shit as Petite Standards, but interested regarding the waist size post-soak) Appreciate the info.

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woah woah woah! what's this big news i see with adidas x ransom? looking forward to further developmentstongueface

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Clayton, sorry for posting this on the Hypebeast forums, but I had to because I have tried contacting you in various ways over a long period of time but still get no reply whatsoever. Since I no longer live in Toronto it's difficult for me to simply drop by your two stores, attempting to track you down to get my payment for the two pairs of shoes which I sold through consignment. Nonetheless, I am back in the Toronto area for a very short period of time (Easter weekend) and was hoping that by now you would have replied back to one of the three messages I had sent to you in the previous months. That would have allowed me to drop by your store during my short visit back to the GTA to receive my payment, however I have never received a message back even though you have been very active on these forums. Furthermore, I am positive that you have been checking your inbox because you take pride in communicating with your customers, specifically when you have a customer who you are required to give a payment too. You have also made numerous posts on these forums in recent months and have cleared out your inbox also (it was full previously, but now messages are delivered to your inbox so its clearly not full) All I am asking is that you reply to one of the numerous messages I have sent you since August 2008, or to one of the various notes which I have left at both Cartel and Identity in person at the store AND over the phone. As a matter of fact, I was able to contact you via phone in late December 2008 and you instructed me to send my address/information via Hypebeast messages and/or go to your store in person to receive my cheque. I did both (you weren't in store that day but it was the only day I was in Toronto that winter break). I personally left a note at Cartel on two separate occasions and once at Identity in the past 8 months. On three separate occasions, your employees insured me that you would receive my note (which included my name, phone number, etc.) and you would contact me immediately. Furthermore, I have left my information with your employees over the phone at both stores on more than a few occasions since August 2008. Once again, I'm sorry for doing this on the forums, but I am just looking for my payment from the shoes which were sold through your businesses. Thank you.

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SR, how much do the undefeated t's and crewnecks runs for? Thank you

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The other week, during university intramural basketball, my buddy fucked up his knee real bad. His left knee dislocated and he tore his ACL, MCL and PCL. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance, stayed at the hospital for 5 days before having intensive surgery to reconstruct his left knee. Now he's out of the hospital on crutches with some huge, futuristic looking knee brace. He only had to pay for the ambulance...like $45 or something. lol And he gets free physiotherapy twice a week for at least a month I believe. Funny part is that he just got his Canadian citizenship just a month before his injury...if not he would be paying like $3000+ he said blinkyeyes

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cmoney, no hate but you gotta clear out your msg box dude! lol you got an email address i can reach u at maybe?

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[Quote] be proud of your japanese name bro! at least yours is pronounceable! people butcher my last name so bad (matsushita) haha

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[Quote] just warning you, but you know those are around $500 depending on the model of the NF jacket. shiats expensive$$$

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By the way, whose enjoying their midterm exams at their unis? All I gotta say is that having 4 midterms in one week is not the greatest thing...smh

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Livestock X Reigning Champ Zip Up Hoodie Livestock, do you have any Livestock x Reigning Champ zip up hoodies in Small left? (specifically the one with the totem pole design in red/black/white) thank you

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yeah they got the tokyo ballers tees still picked one up a few days ago

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3rd year western lets just say this school is the home of american eagle, abercombie, hollister, tommy, polo, lacoste, etc. lol everytime i wear my alife shirts i get "does that say ALFIE?" haha good stuff

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what size do you wear?

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dropped by the shop today and the service was tight. the people were hella laid back and the store design and all was nice. definitely recommend it.

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p.s. In the title, I think you are supposed to put the city/region first in brackets, and then the topic title. im sure you can edit that somehowblushing

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