[URL] Damn this is a banger. I don't fuck with T.I. but JT and Timbo unstoppable.

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What are your favorite or most comfortable work (or just professional if you wear them for every day activities) shoes? I really wanna find some good shoes for work but nothing satisfies me. The most comfortable shoes I've work so far have got to be diesels, but I'm so sick of them and nothing else ever feels good. Even Clarks and Visvim don't impress me. I dunno if I'm picky as fuck cause after wearing cushy ass Nikes all my life no shoe will ever be as comfortable again or am I missing something?

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I'm curious how everyone else is playing out their games. Did you choose to kill Playboy or Dwayne? I'm just a few missions past that in my game, so I dunno if there are any other major ones in the future. I chose to kill Dwayne and I also popped his girl.

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[URL] They murdered the second one I think, can't stop listening to this shit.

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