it on thaa bayyy sunn

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all in my grillll

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couldnt find any feedback topic for this guy, although he has a lot of stuff for sale... anyhow the guy is too quit to legit orsomething like that thanks for the dope deal smokeyface

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check out this noobie, no j/k. he might be new, but dont get fooled by his freshness dude is fast with communication, payment and certainly knows what's dope! and dont forget to buy his stuff too

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check ttha baayy

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Visvim e-cat Lattice 18L condition 9/10 this steezy messenger was instantly sold out in Europe as well in Japan. perfect for your daily carriage ride Sooooold This link should give you a better idea how underrated this bag actually is: [URL] [Image] global shipping € 20,- europe € 15,-

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all on tha bay!

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Anything in good condition thx

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Everything is 100% Legit and located with me in Europe Prices are in EUROS and do NOT include shipping which depends on location and weight NO LO-BALL NO BS, TRADES FOR SUPREME STARTERS ONLY [b][i]I am the 1st hand on all these tees, all shirts are physically in perfect condition[/i][/b]; no holes, stains or such damaging unless stated otherwise SUPREME LARGE Tera Patrick by Mario Sorrenti for RichardsonMAG Cond. 8.5/10 Price € 65 *SUPREME LABELED* [Image]

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[Image] real crap imo espec. compared with the grey and noir collection

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Yo Who Here's Gonna Go On Vacation I DO ps updated

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some nike free trainers? visvims? wha? [Image]

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anyone knows when these will drop, or have they already? [Image] sepcially lookin for the purps

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These are sweet man, nice suede and purple, sexy, they also came in blue and another colour if im correct. [Image] i heard from t_z they dropped this months in stores.. ( supreme only? ) anyway can anyone get me a size 9.5 or 10?

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