Yes class presentation simulates what you will be doing in the work field.

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sell fake drugs to your stupid middle school friends.

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know how to cook , clean, and suck my dick whenever i want.

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go to store with old beat up shoes. try on adidas but leave your old shoes in the box. walk out. free shoes

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try to eat out as in fast food or whatever as least as possible.

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fill a super soaker with your piss and spray em in the face.

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keep going there and have her wait on your table. you need her to get to know you a lil more for her to get comfortable around you, then ask/give numbers.

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mechanical engineers

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your jumping ahead, you have to start with the basics first, physics I & II. gotta crawl before you walk son. if he can't get through physics I & II, you should really reconsider your college career.

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how hard is physics? Depends on who is teaching it tbh. if you get a shitty professor its gonna be difficult since they are usually not sociable and can't communicate with students well. You should at least talk/email the professors that are teaching it to get an idea of how the course work is. engineering, physics its all hard thats not why everyone does it. upside of things is physics probably has more girls in it than engineering. your probably gonna change your major anyways like 90% of undergrads do. physics is not abstract thought and theory. its supported by math and equations. you need to figure out the velocity of a basketball being dropped from 5 feet above the ground? easy, there's equations to use to find your answer. chemistry is theory and abstract. have you ever seen an atom?

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CL is your friend.

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seen this dude face plant off his bike trying to be slick snaking through traffic during rush hour to cross the street. he tried to pick up the front wheel to get over the middle median but he made an error and caught the front end of the bike on it and did an endo. he ate it hard. that shit made my day!

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buy this shit. works wonders on sneakers. just add water, squeeze, then scrub. Repeat. its the mr. clean "magic eraser". they even have knock-off ones.

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