Saw this trailer last night when i saw Evil Dead...shit looks interesting smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface [Embed content]

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Anyone know the details on why the sudden free game give away for PSN+ not that i'm complaining because it's a shitload of games i didn't buy and are just in time for the summer...

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Shit was dope as fuck... to bad the cops blocked off the road to get to the Krispy Kreme meet shutting BurBank roads down with thousands of cars trying to find an alternative route to the meet... [Embed content]

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Has anyone seen this yet? By far the best horror film to date bar none. It did not let me down at all and it was a great way to pay homage to horror films. The acting was good for what i would expect from a horror movie but if you been thinking about checking it out go see it... -THiZZ

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[Image] Full story here... -THiZZ

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I really don't care for muscle cars but shit!!! [Embed content] [Image] -THiZZ

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Mother of god... [Embed content] -THiZZ

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Just came out today... by far his best stand up. Started off kinda slow but that shit had me in tears laughing. Who else saw it??? -THiZZ

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Sweet jesus... [URL] -THiZZ

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Its happening, the project just got green lit blinkyeyes... -THiZZ

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No lie 4 18's... [URL] -THiZZ

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2500hp 1jz AWD supra. Built in Russia by Total Race. Total Race Supra-Custom Built AWD system with programmable torque split (one-off subframe,axles,driveshaft etc..) backed with a Lenco 3 speed tranny... [Image] -THiZZ

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Gotta love the mission district... [URL] -THiZZ

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For those of you who are fans this shit is free to download on christmas i guess its a gift to their fans... [URL] -THiZZ

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Looking to buy something for the house. I have never looked into anything aside from the typical surround sound. However i'm looking for a good system for music really. I would like something with decent sub and crisp sound anyone recommendations??? Oh and looking to spend up to $800 for the set up as well... -THiZZ

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