damn lakers gotta get their shit together. these losses are definitely unacceptable. ESPECIALLY to the bucks. hahah.

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Lakers cus I grew up in LA and I've grown up with them. I bleed yellow and purple. Too bad they've been doing pretty shitty lately...

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Honestly, you probably won't grow much more anymore. Nothing really can help your growth seeing how you're already pretty old already. Sorry man. I'm sure you're height is fine.

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Not too familiar with atomic boards. I ride a Lib tech banana with union contact bindings. Can't go wrong with Lib tech. Sickest set up I've ever owned. I got my gear at trusnow.com Definitely good deals on there. Scope it out. Good luck with you snowboard purchases. Don't plan on spending too much since you're just starting off though. Hope this helps! Best, Brandon

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Running is probably one of the best ways to lose stomach fat. It wouldn't hurt to do P90x ab rippers either. haha. Good luck. I know I'm trying to get that beach body before summer rolls around.

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Pac man definitely is going to tear mosley up. Fast don't lie.

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16 years old. Good times. I hate the DMV though, they suck ass. They rescheduled my appointment 2 times cus of "scheduling conflicts". Oh well, at least I got it though. haha.

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anyone know if the kinect is worth it?

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These jeans worth the price? Cus damn I'm not made of money.

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is this still for sale?

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