I prefer the EPL but i could also see a strong case to be made for the Spanish Primera being the best league in the world. In the Spanish league i feel as though there is a bit more quality as a whole, whereby there is a massive gulf in class between the "top 4" of the EPL and some of the lesser sides. Another thing to consider is the fact that there is so much money floating around the EPL nowadays with people buying up these clubs that it is hard to compete with them for the top players. Spain does have some of the most influential guys in the EPL though in Torres, Fabregas, Alonso, etc... I just like to watch the EPL cuz theres a bit more passion and pride IMO... aside from Chelski anyways tongueface

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Most Quickstrike accounts have this right now. Id hurry and cop if you are thinking about it, they are going quick. As busy as they look in the pictures, they are DOPE when you actually have em on your foot. Standard in Atlanta got em in yesterday btw...>smh

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Yea that's one of the main reasons i like them. Patent leather just doesnt do it for me. Either way thanks for the insight guys. Hopefully ima be able to scoop up a pair. I mean, i work at a shop that carries BBC/Ice Cream and we'll have the Ice Cream Boutique Shoes so maybe i can find someone willing to trade for something...We shall see i guess

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Idk about you guys but im really feelin these. Probably the first Bape shoe ive ever been excited about. Puerto Rico's are straight fiya. Not to sound retarded, but seeing that i am not cultured in the ways of the Bape, what would be the general advice on snatching a pair of these? Will something like this be something people are lined up for in NY? Also when do they drop? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Started by Country Flag Roadstas, 2 Weeks ago in Brands

STANDARD is the best all around shop in Atlanta. The only place with real accounts so they charge retail. Nike, Puma,BBC/IceCream(biggest order in the country), GStar,10Deep,Triumvir,etc. No SBs though...

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If you REALLLLLY wanted them you woulda been waiting friday night to be the first in line for saturday..... sorry you couldnt resell buddy, maybe next time>smh

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Does anyone outside of Asia even wear Bape anymore???? That shit is tired...tongueface

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The only reason they did this was to stop reselling. It sucks for us but itll solve their problems.... Thats how nike is, its all about $$$$

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GRAPES all the fucking way. I have the grapes and the store i work at carries the J Pack, personally the Grapes are something that not only look better, but are a better addition to your collection. Thats just my opinionsmokeyface

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As long as you go into it knowing there are gross parts, this movie will be awesome. I laughed my ass off the whole time, and when you think about it $7 isnt a bad price to pay to laugh for over and hour straight... I will say that after watching this movie, one tends to have urges to do stupid shit...be carefulsmokeyface

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THey came in Today. Dot hoody is true to size, the CRACK hoody runs big. If you need a medium get a medium. 3 of us tried it on and agreed. BOOM

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Oh and i dont know about the rest of you guys, but the Crack hoody did seem to run a tad bit BIG... Idk if they were mislabeled or they just ran big.tongueface

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We have em at Standard (ATL). We just got em in today and only have 1 of the polka dot ones (i think either L or XL) and we still have 1 of every size in the CRACK! hoodies in both the white and grey colorways. We also have the purple "yaht striped" hoody in decent sizing,some new T's, and the new 10Deep Polos. Hit us up at www.myspace.com/standardatl if you're interested. We do phone orders >smh You can call to at 404-355-1410. By the way, Will let ya know ;)

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[Quote] We're listenin to that same song right now here at Standard haha

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>smh >smh >smh >smh >smh >smh >smh >smh >smh >smh LOL@12bids Shit is so stupid

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