If anyone has, or can get me one is size large, please HMU.

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Accepting offers on this.  No silly questions please, this is 100% legit, purchased from Supreme store London upon release.  If you want additional info or photos then let me know.  I only took this one as I was rushing out of the house this morning so just grabbed a quick snap. [Image]

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Alright guys, I have 2 digi football tops and I'm looking to sell 1 of them.  I purchased an orange in XL and my girlfriend also got me a black XL as a surprise.  Obviously I don't need 2 so I'm gonna let one go.   If you're interested then HMU and we can sort something out.  I don't have a price in mind so just make me an offer, I'm not unreasonable or greedy so if it's a fair offer I'll more than likely take it. Apologies that I don't have photos, I'll post them up on here when I get home from work today. And I am UK based, so if you're outside of the UK then you'll need to cover postage - If you're UK based then I will cover postage.

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Just tried to purchase a pair on the UK website but it fucked up and they're sending me a pair in GREEN, which is not what I wanted. Anyhow, if anyone has a pair in light blue in 30 or 32 OR could proxy me a pair then please let me know.

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Hey, I'm looking for a Supreme x Wackies Love Joys Tee in a size large.  Preference would be Grey but I'd be happy with either white or black also. I'm UK based but will happily pay (reasonable) international shipping. HMU

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Looking to trade a Navy/red Supreme x CDG Crusher hat.  I have a size s/m and I'm looking for a m/l. It's been tried on but that's it, not been worn outside of the house.  Tags n all. Let me know if you're interested. Oh and I'm UK based but happy to trade overseas.

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Guys (and girls) I'm looking for a Supreme x CDG Crusher hat in a size s/m.  The colour isn't important as I'm digging both colours.   If anyone has one for sale for a REASONABLE price then please PM me.  I live in the UK and will happily pay shipping charges etc. I'm only interested in reasonable offers, so if you're looking for rape price, then please don't waste your time messaging me.  I appreciate I ain't gonna get it for cheap, but I ain't looking to pay 150 for a hat. Thanks

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Looking to get my hands on the Origin Tee from S/S 2012. Preference would be either black, white or grey and in a size large. PM me if you can hook me up. [Image]

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