Cliche title, but watch fuckboys. With all these guys trying to sound like Houston, hopefully an actual Houston rapper will get some love. [Embed content]

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Summer on Smash is iffy too..... understand they felt they had to make an "Anthem". Nas ate his verse though, but fuck you Swizz.

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Remove Loco-Motive (don't like 1989 boombap in a 2012 album) Reach Out (Track would have been nice without Mary J Blige fucking it up) The Don (just didn't feel it) and you have a FUCKING undisputed classic, still a classic though. Nas finally overcame his disease of horrible beat selection. The condition of "Nas Ear" shall be called "Eminem Ear" from now on.

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[Quote] Depends, "house near Houston" makes me assume you never seen certain parts of the Southwest/Southside/Northside. Houston does a good job of containing it's crime to the slums and hood, so maybe that's why people feel it's safer, but more crime statistics show Houston is more dangerous than any of the major cities in California. Let's not get started on places like Dallas, overall major cities in the Deep South and Central Midwest tend to be way more dangerous than LA or NY. Niggas must listen to 90s hip-hop and think that's how those cities are now.

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From the pictures in this thread, I'm pretty sure a squad of 20 niggas from Texas can rob every teenager in the NY tri-state area.

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[Quote] There was a Chief Keef thread on this forum 3 months ago. And the Original is killing the remix. The original track was harder and Lil' Reese's verse >>>>>>> Kanye/Big Sean/Jadakiss' verses. But Pusha did eat on his verse. "Fredo In The Cut, That's a scary sight (Man Down!)"

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Honestly no. No bias or nothing

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I thought this thread was DOA when I started it. Are people actually becoming fans or is this a side effect of Tyler tweeting one of his songs.

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Future, French, and Danny the only guys I fuck with on there. The rest of the list looks like HB Forums put it together.

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If you think Kanye and Jay are really uplifting a significant amount of black youth you're out of touch as fuck. Maybe it's because I'm not from a hipster filled place like NY or LA... but there are a lot of niggas that don't even listen to Kanye OR Jay. And if they do it's not on the level HB worships these dudes.

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J. Cole, that's the only one I can think of.

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Dude was nice, he was just stuck in the St. Louis rap "ghetto", the hippity hop elitist never gave him a chance.

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"Watch The Throne" doesn't mean shit to black people... Obama barely means shit to black people.

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The 10 hottest MCs are on that list, so I don't know what people are complaining about. There may be some nominees that don't deserve to be there, but you guys aren't naming better choices. Lupe? Really? If Lupe sold 3 million records he still wouldn't be the hottest emcee in the game. Because most of those records would be to crossover fans and "real hip-hop" hipsters. They've explained their choosing process and it's pretty clear if you don't have a real "street buzz" you're not making the list.

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This should be the list (in no order), going on who actually has a internet presence and a STREET presence. People on the internet forget that a lot of people that fuck with hip-hop don't log onto Hypebeast and Nahright etc. And I like Vakill, Kendrick, and Lupe and all that rappity-rap shit too, like it a lot too. But this is the HOTTEST MCs list, not the most lyrical/best MC list. 2 Chainz Big Sean Drake French Montana JAY-Z Kanye West Lil Wayne Meek Mill Rick Ross Jeezy It would have been nice to see Kendrick Lamar and Future as possible listees though

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