Nah not copping. Shit isn't fluid at all, graphics are weak because they're bringing it out on pauper last gen consoles.  Campaign looks boring AF, sit in a room for 15 minutes fighting literally the same enemy over and over. Feels like COD which is dead at this point. Waiting on that Halo Master Chief Collection smokeyface

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Keep this shit going. I'm feeling like OP ethered himself but he could make a come back.

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As a Brit I can tell you guys this is pretty much standard shit for alot of these girls when they go to Magaluf and most of these islands.

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Don't do the tyres one, some guy tried that shit in my town and got found out. Dude was going to the next level though and swapping elements of the dash lol.

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I had a plant in my office once, my boss got mad that I let it die. Told that motherfucker I'm here to work not be a gardener, he didn't have anything else to say.

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FFS these troll threads man,

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Didn't this shit get raised in a thread in 2013? US been got stealth planes, got nuclear aircraft carriers, next level guns. I fired a Chinese gun in Battlefield 4 today and the shit is garbage.

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Don't believe you.

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Not me but still funny AF. My friend took the gas tube in science and lit the gas coming out with his lighter and used it as a flamer thrower before shutting the gas down on the valve. Shit was scary as, I was sitting opposite and nearly got burned. We all had to stay behind and learnt the importance of safety in science.

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Come to the UK, we'll show you some good tea.

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6'3", I ain't got no worries. I have no idea what you guys are talking about though, I've got a few friends that pull bitches regularly but are under 6 foot.

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[Quote]My point is still valid. If you want to get 100% usage out of an iPhone you have to have 3G/4G enabled etc. Turning Airplane mode turns your iPhone into a brick.  I clearly touched a nerve right there with that point. Anyway, MS already said that you won't need the Internet connectivity to play games.

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[Image] Cel Damage.

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This and BF4 are going to be taking away most of my free time later this year I should imagine.

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