These dude's are hilarious, if I didn't know better I'd think they were serious. They fucking opened for Big Boi on his tour. [URL]

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I have a question, why must you guys put The Official and Vol. in nearly every thread you create? That shit is unnecessary and annoying as hell. It's almost as if you guys don't know where or when to use the terms so, you just use it every chance you get. It reminds me of a little kid who has just learned a new word. [/rant]

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I think this belongs on erowid or something but I just took like 200mg of Diphenhydramine hydrochloride and I feel sleepy and high lol,bad idea to battle insomnia with too much OTC sleeping aids

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This is a pretty interesting read, the Stem Cell Treatment was initially supposed to treat his leukemia. [URL] I wonder why right wing conservatives are so furiously against stem cell research ohhhhhhhh now I get it, this is why.

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I thought youtube didnt allow porn DEFINITELY NSFW [URL] 25,332,986 Views and NO ONE caught this yet?

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Someone on HB is searching through all my posts and picking out ones that are not PC and telling my girl about them, granted these posts can be as old as 4 years old at this point. You're a real faggot for that shit. Like if there's something you think you can dig up on me on a forum that can damage my year long relationship you've got a whole nother thing coming. If it's a personal bone you have to pick with me whoever you are, or if you are making a painfully weak and futile attempt to take my girl from me, PM me right now. We can meet up and settle this man to man, not that anything you're doing is actually working but it is annoying and pretty offensive and nothing would make me happier than to knock your head off your shoulders <3

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I dont know if you guys liked or have ever heard of Supreeme but they were an interesting underground rap group that showed a lot of potential in especially in their members King Self and Negashi Armada. Unfortunately they broke up but theyve released their discography for free download. Here's a link to a blog that has a pretty interesting article on them. It's sad because I liked these cats and they could have been bigger than they were. [URL]

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its my birthday and I live in NY now.

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Yes guys I had a Helgen-like night it involves cops too. So, I pick up a chick to hang out before I move to NY in a couple weeks and we head over to a park around 11 o'clock to chill and talk while we sit in my car. Well, after a few minutes we get frisky and she starts giving me head and something tells me to look out the window and I see three cop cars pull up no more than 30-40 feet away. I panic get my pants back up and tell her to put on her seat belt and I started my car and drove away. Well I guess the cops found it odd that I just drove away so 2 of them start tailing me reading my plates and waiting for me to fuck up. Well I kinda sorta did I stopped perfectly fine at a light with my turn signal on and I pulled up a little further to see traffic more clearly and apparently blocked the intersection. ( It was 11:45 and NO ONE was outside because besides evening joggers no one ever walks around that area ) So the cops pull me over and my dumb ass forgot my wallet in my other jeans so, now I have no license, suspicious activity and a moving violation. The cop didn't arrest me because I had my insurance agents license which is valid ID but not a DL. He writes me a $130 ticket for not having my driver's license a $141 ticket for blocking the intersection and says I can't drive my car home. The girl I was with didn't have a driver's license AT ALL just an ID so she couldn't drive and to make it worse both of our phones had died. So now the cop says I have to walk 4 miles home in 30 degree weather, I don't have change and there isn't a payphone in sight and cops are patrolling the area. So there I was me and this girl stranded and can't go near my car without a cop seeing us, so we walk up the street to a 24 hour super market to get out of the cold (it was cold in there ) and they won't let us use the phone. So we walk back to my car and see that there aren't any cops around so we get in and try to wait it out for a while. No sooner than I close my door I see the same cop car that pulled me over pull into a small alley across the street facing us. So were fucking trapped sitting there waiting for this cop to leave so we can make a break for it. Finally at 2:30 am almost 3 hours after getting pulled over he leaves and we make a break for it. Had I got pulled over on the way to he rhouse I would have gotten arrested. The concise version of this story is that cops are assholes, instead of letting me slide he pulled me over. I really didn't do anything wrong (besides getting head in my car, which he didn't even know about) and he still fucked me over with $270 in tickets and making me freeze my ass off in a v-neck in 30 degree weather for 3 hours. I'm glad I'm leaving this bitch ass city where the cops are bored and pull you over for farting in a intersection. Sorry for the long read I just had to vent.

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Sorry if I'm late but just today I heard he was dying, he needs a double lung transplant and he's lost 95% of his vision in one eye. This is awful news to me he's the greatest artist of..... well shit ever.smh I hope I'm not the only person who's saddened by this.

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We have a few threads showing which songs are our favorites and which lyrics are our favorites but none discussing the meaning of those lyrics and none explaining the complexity of some of those lyrics. Hopefully this will work out well. One of my favorite songs right now is Talons by Bloc Party, it's pretty cryptic but I think I've figured out what the song is about. Here are the lyrics: Bloc Party-Talons And in the dark it comes for me Malevolent and without thought Uprooting trees, destroying cars Cold and relentless, with arms outstretched No boat nor brick Nor crucifix can hold it back I

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Theo Keating and Simon Lord, killing it right now in my opinion some way through this is one of the hardest non-hip-hop tracks I've heard in a while and their production and vocals are phenomenal. Any thoughts?

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A lot of blog talk has been going around that Busy P's own Ed Banger Records has had a near stagnant '08 production wise. People say that acts like Justice have been riding the success of '07 releases and spending more time touring rather than producing their next albums. I personally think that albums shouldn't be rushed and these wee-wee head bloggers are looking at things in the wrong time frame. In the blog world a week is equivalent to a month and if an artist doesn't provide a steady stream of work for them to post daily that artist is slacking, shit album sales aren't like they used to be to make up for the lost wages these guys have to sometimes learn how to throw together a good live DJ set and get out there and hustle. Let the guys eat and give them time to work on an album you can't rush something and expect high quality music. Discuss...

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[Quote] [URL] If this legislation passes I will be the happiest man alive.

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