I've noticed when I use a face cleanser my skin seems to become reliant on it. If I don't use it for a few days, I break out in pimples. So I prefer not to use any skin care products. If I do, it's the St Ives Green Tea Scrub mentioned in OP. Sidenote: Head & Shoulders is amazing, even if you dont have dandruff.

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[Image] I'll just leave this here... Chauffeurs/taxi drivers makes good tips, thats all imma say.

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Nightlife is definitely far better in NYC.  What I noticed when I was in Seattle, it's a city of commuters. People live in the burbs, come to work in the city during the day, then go back home to the burbs at night. So theres not much going on at night. The streets are dead, and aside from the bars, most things are closed by 8pm. The strip clubs also dont serve alcohol in Seattle.

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Get synthetic urine from a head shop. Costs about $30-40. It comes with a heating pad. I cut a sleeve off a tshirt, pull it up my leg like a garder belt, and slip the flask of fake piss between the sleeve and my inner thigh. Works every time.

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I had my 5 year reunion last year. That was weird...

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maybe take her to a 24 hour diner after work? the picnic sounds creepy though.

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i can vouch for this one. listening now. [URL]

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i work at the airport. theres all types of jobs available. if you live close to one, of course. at my airport there is even this "workforce development" kiosk run by the community college. you show up with your resume and they show you what positions are available pertaining to your experience. they give you all the applications and contacts you need. you don't have to be a student to use the service either.

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Harrah's in NOLA is also one of my favorite casinos I've ever been to. Slots are loose, lots of action on the poker tables, good promos, and free drinks everywhere.

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Austin is fun. Lots of good food, bars, skate spots, and quirky shops. I can't say much more than that. I only spent a few days there which were spent drinking and skating. Lots of beautiful college-aged white girls too. News Orleans is one of my favorite cities though. The food is amazing and everyone is really nice.  Of course you have to see Bourbon St, but Frenchman St is good alternative for cheaper drinks, a younger crowd, and plenty of live music any day of the week.

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I just finished listening for the first time. I like it so far. Last 5 songs are definitely better than the first 5. But, how many of yall are gonna buy a copy, even though youve got the leak? I usually do, i think ill pass on this one. It doesn't even seem to come with a lyric/photo insert.

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my birthday is on saturday. im more excited for this album than my own birthday festivities.

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ive been hearing this more and more lately on the radio. i have a feeling it will be blowing up. EDIT: and then it will get remixed like 2332409873 times. [Embed content]

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