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"I caught the monster. If you don't give me today off I'ma give it to you, too."  is pretty convincing.

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[Quote] CBoom's speaking the truth. And it's not even that the venues suck, because I think some are okay. It's just the patrons are prone to flagrant faggotry and douchebaggery. Tight Armani shirt-wearing goons with sweatpants on in a fucking club who think they're the shit, and half decent girls who think they're God's gift to men.The clubs here are simply populated by people who are generally full of themselves. My suggestion if you wanna have a good time is to go to a concert of your choosing. Then at least there'll be music that YOU like and sometimes the people are less intolerably full of shit. concerts around here tend to be at smaller venues, they're more intimate and people tend to be more into actually having a good time than just getting wasted or trying to impress people they won't ever see again.

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[Quote] i lol'd

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DiCaprio's become a fucking badass as of late. And you can never go wrong with scorcese

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I. Drink. Your. Milkshake.

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[Quote] I think it's the way she carries herself is what does it for me. She's so uninhibitedly sensual that it's irresistible and intimidating all at once. There are younger, prettier girls with tighter bodies but goddamn, they just don't carry themselves with the same sexual gravitas as Bellucci does. Just take her attitude compared to, say, Nicole Scherzinger (or however the fuck you spell it), and Monica's just more naturally sexy. Nicole is sexy, too, and is fit as fuck, but her sexuality is so contrived and it's so blatantly out there that it doesn't really hold my interest. Or maybe I just overthink shit like this. Also, fuck Vincent Cassel [/jealous]

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As a firm believer that sexiness is as much an attitude as it is about looks, I'd have to say the hottest female on the planet is Monica Bellucci. She's in her 40's and STILL oozes sexuality out of every pore of her body. It can be debated about things like who has nicer titties, a nicer ass, or tho has a tighter looking body than her, but it's something about the way Monica Bellucci carries herself that makes her the sexiest fucking thing ever to me. [Image][/URL]

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