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this were u chat, not instant chat like AOL old crap softcare. this slow chat where we lerned how make friend. thanks go

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I don't feel the need to explain why other people should be eating less animal products, but anyone here a vegetarian/vegan?

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smh x 1,000,000 Muggy as hell.

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For he's a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny.

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I mean it's his Birthday it's worth a thread. Dude never posts though. Can we get some Will pics in rotation?

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I always wondered why regular Members couldn't link in their sigs... is it because of spam? When answered feel free to close. Thanks.

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[size=20]taking it down i guess you slept[/size]

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Yep... I didn't believe it either. I don't know whether to believe it and not smoke or to believe I'm being brainwashed. These days anything goes. [URL] Edit: I spelled Aggressive wrong

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Sorry if there's a thread already but does wearing denim in the ocean and rubbing sand into them actually do anything?

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I just got back from seeing them live, so fun and funny.

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