[Image] Webshop Open 8.22.13 // [URL]

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[Image] Black/Burgundy cap embroidered script at the front of crown while The Majors cup appears on the left side of the piece. finished with a hit of green under the visor. Visit our webshop [URL]

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[Image] The Majors 'Script' snapback drops tomorrow. (via [URL]) limited availability.

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[Image] Driven by a passion to succeed, motivated by those who say we can't. The Major$ Co, an independent street wear brand based in the Los Angeles area. Music, Art, Sports, Fashion,& Culture is our inspiration.The brand stared as a vision a few years back, since then we've been creating and building.The Major$ is for the everyday person who strives to the utmost fulfillment of their individuality and can make a grand difference in the world through them. We're a cult of visionaries who seize the day to surpass the reality before us. We DREAM BIG, GO HARD,& LIVE LARGE; but most importantly we do what we love. Visit. Shop. Share [URL] Twitter / Instagram @TheMajorsCo

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