this is the i love it when my jeans bleed all over my white shoes thread. What the fuck, this board is filled with "my jeans are bleed" and "how do i get my jeans to stop bleeding?" threads. Why? You dont like the bleeding? Well i think it looks good, all that blue on a new pair of white shoes and i know there are more out there who think the same. holla.

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The game has been poluted..... streetwear is officially dead. Same shit comming out all over the place. Recycled shit, every company gots a polkadot hoody now.g-unit bit a clothing co, diddy bit a 10 deep, there are fakes all over the place. This past season there were a lot of crappy shirts. Man what the hell happened? Nothing different commin out. Damn someone needs to revive shit and drop something fresh. Its either a shirt or hoody or hat. thats it that streetwear company's do. Maybe 7 shirts, 2 hoody's same graphix different colors, Another 2 hoodys with diff graphix than above also both diff colors, Maybe a sweater. A new era hat Another hat...shit LRG is a fucking joke, Alife is a fucking joke, BAPE doesnt and never even did exist to me as being labeled streetwear, lets call that bubble pop wear.

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they got some dope stuff, the sid vicious tee is ill, this is what i ordered from them its in Farsi (Persian) print and looks ill. [Image] [URL]

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Need a coupon code for coolestshop please. thankz

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Sunday, September 3, 2006 [Image]

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doublepost erase please.

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Lets say a brand like 10 Deep, Hundreds, Crooks & castles, king stampede, ect... was bought out by Rocawear, Shady-Ltd, Sean John, G-Unit Ltd, Akademiks, ect but they let the brand do what they were still producing now. Would you still buy their hoodies and shit? All that the new brand would do is to give them more financial backing allowing lets say instead of limited quantities of a chain, paisley or polka dot hoody to be like lets say unlimited for that season. Pretty much give everyone a chance at buying one. So basically there would be no more limiteds and the places you could cop the brand would expand to malls, maybe a Macy's or something. Would you never buy anything from that brand or would you still buy a shirt or hoody if you thought it was hot. (just was thinkin bout this when i read the hundreds thread on here.)

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pretty sweet hoody i found surfing their site.... [URL]

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[URL] check it out, sorry for the late post but a few days ago they had every size in stock now its about half.

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[URL] the funniest thing is what the suspects were wearing. thats comedy. hundreds are fuckin funy. they need to do more stuff like this....

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the equalizer on this shirt actualy works when music is being played. Although i would never wear this in public i think its kinda a cool idea. [URL]

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so i just saw on CNN there is a $2500 bounty for the dude who is posting BNE stickers all over frisco. There is undercover cops involved and shit. The news has no idea who is doing this and who it is. IRAK! heres another video from ABC. [URL]

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okay im pissed the fuck off that the whores gone wild shirt sold the fuck out in 2 mins on digi. this shit is getting rediculous. what the fuck u people do all day? jerk off to internet porn while refreshing Digi Grav every 5 fucking minutes to hord and buy the new shit thats dropping? dont you people got jobs? well anyway i see some peeps missed out on the hoody, not my style but thought i'd let you in on a site that still has them while i was trying to find the girls gone wild shirt. here you go they got all sizes except XL i guess it sold out already. they also got a few other fresh jive hoodies. [URL]

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yo i saw the obey denim "field jacket" on digigrav and it looked sick and all but i wasnt really into the "obey" design on it and was unsure of the spray paint used on it. Anyone know of any denim "field jackets" droppin by any other brands? And if you got your own brand then please get on this. thanks.

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