damn it says my last login was in mid 2007 ohh shit! here is my corter belt and matching bracelet: [Image]

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i was dissapointed at those artist decks though. they could have came up with something more original than that shit. guessing that a supreme deck retails round $110 i think those will be 150.

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clutch came through

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i would do anything for a billion dollars except kill anyone or get a sex change.

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i will sell my XL for $25 shipped with priority mail. you will get it from 3 days i ship it. pm me if you want this. Also got previous digger society tees for the cheap. size XL's pm me if you want a previous one.

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damn all that wait for a hat? they should just do a digital gravel drop.

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what i am selling at the moment: ALL ITEMS WILL NO LONGER BE SOLD AFTER MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!! IF ITS TUESDAY THE 27TH AND YOU ARE SEEING THIS THEN TOO LATE! I'm selling all my Digital Gravel shirts (they are all in size XL) let me know if you want something. The Diamond Digger society with the Jordan logo on the front is starting at $65. I also got The Hundreds X Huf limited edition Party shirt from a couple years back. it was given out at a huf party. I got Air Force 1's "GUMS" premuim leather and suede in black size 11 brand new in box never worn. I got New Balance 574 (Josh Wisdumb Limited Edition) sz 10.5 message me if your interested.

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dont startch your jeans

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self edge, san francisco or blue in greene, new york city

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my current rotation.... samurai 5000VX about 5 to 6 day's a week sugar cane hawaii about 1 to 2 days every 3 week sugar cane union stars about 1 to 2 days every month pictures............ (Left to Right) Iron Hearts 21 oz denim Sugar Cane Hawaii Samurai [Image]

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there is a diamond jordan limited diggers society shirt on the bay.

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no dont fuck with gucci or prada overpriced crap. go with a red moon wallet from japan. or a samurai wallet but you prolly cant afford those. Samurai's makes 2 wallets. One of them is priced at $1,200. the cheap samurai wallet is priced at $800.

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i soak mine in scolding hot water. literally. i soak my samurai's in water so hot it hurts to put your hands in it. First off the sink i uses gets water very fuckin hot. also when the jeans are in there about 30 mins i boil some water on the stove and throw that carefully over the jeans distributing evenly. maybe i'll post some pics of what they look now. about 8 to 9 month old denim, I have done a total of about 7 or maybe 8 soaks i forget. one of them i used the washing machine to wash and dry them. they still got indigo, the only indigo loss i got is whiskers and some back pocket fade and my cell phone front pocket fade. Oh and bottom of the jeans fade from walking on them.

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this is the i love it when my jeans bleed all over my white shoes thread. What the fuck, this board is filled with "my jeans are bleed" and "how do i get my jeans to stop bleeding?" threads. Why? You dont like the bleeding? Well i think it looks good, all that blue on a new pair of white shoes and i know there are more out there who think the same. holla.

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[Quote] haha. naw no sale. starting friday you will not be able to buy them ANYWHERE worldwide. If you think the company's are taking this lightly think again. production has already been stopped by these company's and they are already drafting new versions of their jeans. The only place you will be able to find the originals is maybe on the bay or resellers. sucks for those who love the denim game. i copped 4 pairs last night because i like the originals, i like the aches and the tab. its like i've bought my denim for the future. I dont know if i will buy any of the new "legal" denim these japanese companies are going to be making but mostl likely i'll get those too.

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