asking for a friend............. help me out tho it's a delicate game, I'd like some opinions or ideas before I try anything regrettable. need this job throughout college so I need this shit for two years-ish so I don't want to do anything not worth it. It's at Macy's so it isn't like I can sleep my way to a promotion it's all commission based. she's also 26 when I'm 19

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I have up to four tickets for sale, will update in the morning with tagged photo of ticket. Please DM me for questions and offers. Many references.

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[Image] who's all going to bonnaroo this summer?

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DSWT APC Camo Jacket retails $400ish looking for $200 OBO [Image]

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Hey guys I'm just looking for some nice quality tees that fit real well that I can wear every day with some jeans. Any suggestions are appreciated, a fit pic of the tee would be helpful. Thanks!

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$100+feesĀ [Image]

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[Image] $160 for both sz 10.5

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Luifer L/s in Navy $130 OBO [Image]

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Alright guys I need help from people who have been in my situation. I smoked last saturday. It was the first time in three weeks. And my piss test is on monday. It's nothing important, my family is just drug testing me. I made the dumb mistake of taking a few bong rips. With water and cranberry juice do you think I can naturally detox in time? I'm 10% body fat and have a fast metabolism, and I drink a lot of water normally to stay hydrated. This is a test at a lab. Any advice or cheats on how to pass would be much appreciated.

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"[NSFW] 4chan catches owner of pizzeria masturbating at work. Anon posts screen caps on the business yelp, and post hilarious reviews. 4chan member actually goes in and shows the owner a printed out pic and live streams it via youtube." [Image] [URL] the reviews had me laughin so hard

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[URL] For those too lazy to read, white guy kills black kid playing loud music because he says he felt threatened when he told them to turn the music down.


Paypal ready for some ronin tees, just comment what you have or PM me and if I like what you have I'll send money simple as that. SIZE M

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Recently got into a little accident with a 2010 528i, apparently insurance is saying we need an entire new door. Can I get some opinions? Think I can just take it to a bodyshop? Thanks [Image]

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[URL] sign this to get lil b back in, perhaps the media will see this

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[Embed content] yo this is my dude jamaal. dude is a talent. spread this video, maybe one day you can see him playing college ball

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