Title says all . Paypal/ US

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Title says all. Any type of box logo color or pattern is accepted I am looking for L or XL US Paypal Ready

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Please comment below with your offers! Paypal US Large, I can work with XL

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Hi HypeBeast Users! Me and a friend have been hard at work designing t-shirts for a new brand we thought up. We have made multiple sample logos and I want your opinion on one of them. I cant get over the fact that it might look like a ripoff of supreme. I have used the same font but have changed dimensions and overall size and background to not resemble supreme. I need help, give me your opinions and ideas on this logo and how to make it work. The name of the brand is simply Fly. I have some great ideas and designs to share with you soon and would love your input. Here is our current test logo: edit: seems i cant get the hang of the image linker. Here is the URL: http://imgur.com/ACHQW

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I am interested in some supreme stickers in any color. I will be willing to drop a couple of bucks but really looking for a kind soul to give them to me without a fee. Thanks1smokeyface

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