[Image] Hype! [SIZE="1"]Images via sneakerfeaker.[/SIZE]

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[URL] Wow. I was watching this live earlier. One of the worst looking falls I've ever seen. I hope he comes out ok.

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[Image] First events this weekend. Daily Updated blog and info @ [URL] Who's going!?

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Uh oh!

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Yes I know its been discussed a lot but fuck.. how am I going to go to one show and see 3-5 people wearing the exact same hoodie. Despite the fact that you look like a 7 year old with a k-mart halloween costume, theres tons of you walking around looking exactly alike. Don't you feel stupid when youre buying a drink and theres two people with the same goofy shit not 10 feet away from you? Did you guys call and plan ahead? I wonder how many people had the hoodie and thought "I'd better not wear it because I'm sure some other idiots are going to". I bet you had to call your friends and draw straws to see who was going to rock the skelly hoodie tonight. "Joe gets to wear it on thursdays and mike on fridays... Alex gets to wear his every other weekend and on the odd days of the month but not after 9pm and not to the club because I get Club access on weekends (unless its an off weekend in that case its Alex's choice on whether to wear it or not)." Okok, you get the idea. Stop it.

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Fuck Yeah. Thats all.

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I'm still not going to tell you how to get it, HA!!!!! But... You can get a beta copy of [URL]. It has some stripped down photoshop features (Like RAW importing for all you Digi-SLR photokids), some photo management crap etc etc. Best of all its beta so.. FREE. Enjoy.

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I know there's a few of you lurking around. You have to know about a few things coming up. [SIZE="3"]Wed October 25th: [/SIZE][URL] If you dont know, Raekwon backed up with a live band, this is going to be crazy. [B]FREE with RSVP.[/B]

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Full Video for download! Podcast it up. [URL] in Itunes (or whatever you use to get podcasts). Enjoy.

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Who's down?

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Stolen from another blog, but fresh. [URL] Know your Swiss Design Heavyweights.

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Underrated as fuck. First of all, they had the best graphics at the time, way over ps1. Great games, including insane exclusives (Jet Set Radio!). Controller was funky but it was still comfy and worked great after getting used to it. Plus the memory cards were little screens, DOPE. Uh what else... BUILT IN MODEM... ahead of its time. Oh and the icing on the cake, you could burn every game and play it without a mod chip.... that means every game for free, every japanese only game, etc etc. Wishing I didnt sell mine.

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ALL YOU YOUNGINS GET OUT OF HERE! Ok. Whats a few beers that you've been feel'n lately? 1. Hoegaarden (extremely tasty white belgian ale, citrus'y and spicy, YUM) 2. La Fin Du Monde (same as above but a little heavier, more alcohol, more expensive, different taste but still damn good) 3. Blue Moon (good summer beer, wheat ale, with an orange, nice in the sun) 4. Newcastle (the ol' safety for any bar, super common, tastes nice) 5. Pabst! (what, 10-12 bucks for a 24 pack? doesnt taste like piss? 1 dollar pints at a lot of bars)

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[URL] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owwwwwwww... me want.

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This shit must have fucking dropped by now right? All I can find is low quality internet promo shots of it. Where the dope high quality pictures?! COME ON!

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