Anyone else play this?

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I'm going to Tokyo this summer and I want to know of any legit sneaker shops that carry old and current nikes.

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Someone posted a trailer for it on HB a while ago. The premise is a girl wakes up with her mouth sewn over the dick of some guy, and there is another girl with her mouth sewn on the first girls asshole.

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Possibly the most epic cast ever. Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Danny Trejo. [URL] No doubt this will be a shitstorm, but I'll be seeing this regardless.

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Ever since that last thread, Chuggo has been stuck in my head all fucking day!! AHHH C'MON FUCKIN GUY. fml [URL]

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Just saw ceremony and cruel hand. so dope so dope

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I'm going to be down there for work in a couple weeks. Domo Domo

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As ugly as they are, I kinda like em. It's like a car crash you just can't take your eyes off it.

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Is their gear true to size? I wear a large in 10 Deep, if that helps. thanks

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