[Quote] I'm going to make the assumption that you're from Portland.

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I also would like a Honda "yazz"

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[Quote] Feast 2. It's a trilogy and is fucking awesome.

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[Quote] I lol'd cause I understand.

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[Quote] It's not bad for your testicles, but I've read that sex in a hot tub reduces the chance of fertility due to the heat of the water and chemicals killing your man goo. No worries though, I don't think anyone on HB needs to be making babies anytime soon.

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How about good ol fashion coffee?

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Some girls can pull it off.

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Anyone else play this?

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I'm going to Tokyo this summer and I want to know of any legit sneaker shops that carry old and current nikes.

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It sounds like you hate freedom.

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Someone posted a trailer for it on HB a while ago. The premise is a girl wakes up with her mouth sewn over the dick of some guy, and there is another girl with her mouth sewn on the first girls asshole.

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You can only become a sex addict if a wizard alien casts a spell on you.

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Dude needs a haircut.

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