if you guys like what kaba modern mike and tony is wearing..on the show check out [URL] you can find some of the clothes threw my friendz clothing line website...Get it b4 it sells out...

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i thought korea had some fashionable stores.. lol like stuff u see in those korean hip hop music groups? or am i behind korean music these days

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hey i just got a pair of lrg jeans too so iam guessin from everyones post that these jeans are only dry clean..

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Kallusive Holiday 06/Spring 07 Collection [SIZE="5"][B]Kallusive Holiday 06/Spring 07 Collection[/B][/SIZE] [Image]

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haha nice work on the van classic... i actually did an LRG version on a pair of white van classic for my fashion school project.. turn out pretty good ..and workin on makin a new design for a 2nd one...have u dont ne other designs yet i would like to see what else u have.. goin

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