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DOnt get ahead of yourself there. The rest of the roatation after him is questionable to say the least. GJ to the mets though for landing him, they def got the better end of the deal.

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Def excited about these as well. I still have an original pair (not the reissues they had a few years back) and i keep em in my closet. I didnt know koston owned the right to that design though, cuz otherwise e's would have a fit about these being produced. Anyone know when the release date for them is?

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[Quote] This guy does speak the truth. Very well put. Ive been thinking the same thing ever since the whole Nike scene blew up. Now it seems like everyone is jumping ship and moving on to Vans. Oh well i guess thats how things go anyways, so no point in really debating about it.

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[Quote] For his sake he better be telling the truth, or Mr T will have to pity the fool. Id like to see some of those too, Especially that Cinco De Mayo color way for the P-Rods.

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Ive got a pair of Black with a little bit of red. I love em. Great shoe for the price and they look good with just about anything.

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x 2. Def take either pair. blushing

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