Many of you are familiar with Brandon McCartney AKA Lil B from The Pack AKA Based God and the positive message that he constantly conveys. Yesterday, B gave a legendary speech at New York University which has changed the lives of the thousands in attendance. This speech was on the magnitude of MLK's "I Have A Dream Speech". I promise you after watching/listening to this speech, your whole outlook on life will change. This was the most revolutionary speech of our generation. I'll let the speech speak for itself but I just wanted to remind everybody that we are all here on earth to love each other and spread positivity. No more hatred, jealousy, judgements, etc. YOLO Full audio of the speech. Full Transcription

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Could anybody recommend me some wallstreet/margin call/ivy league graduate lifestyle type movies?

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im goin to the NY on wednesday.. i finna arrive around midnight local time. what should a young goon do there? ima be there for 4-6 days. if any NY niccas beefin wit me wanna square up, PM me.

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I feel it would be hella hard to pull this shit off...not only do you have to find a bitch freaky enough to do it but you have to find two of em. And they would both have to be bisexual too... And I mean two girls one guy. If you've had a threesome w/ another dude, your gay.

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Hypothetical Situation: You're visiting your family from the opposite coast. You haven't seen your cousin since she was like 11. She's your very distant cousin, like on your grand fathers cousins side. She's feeling you and you know you won't be seeing her for many years later. Would you bang? Lets say this is your cousin : [Image] I'm just posting a pic for illustration, your cousin could be any fine bitch...

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I was playing basketball yesterday and I landed funny. At first I didn't really notice any pain, I played a few games after that. I went home and didn't really notice it as much either, the pain came on gradually and by the time I went to bed, there was a pretty bad pain/ache, even if I didn't put any weight on it. I just woke up and I feel a little numbness around my foot. I've sprained my ankle a few times before but its never been this bad. The pain was keeping me from going to sleep... I'm gonna try to RICE it but don't know if I should go consult a doctor.... Any advice??.. Thanks

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I haven't bought music since before the internet boom period (some time in the '90s). You can basically get any song/album/mixtape of any genre for free on the internet. Do people actually buy music? Like physical copies or from iTunes? Some people say they want to support the artist but how much of the money from that one album sale actually goes to the artist?....46 cents?

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Serious question.

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What headphones would you guys recommend for under $200? Im thinking about getting the Audio Technica M50s but just wanted to see what else is out there. If anybody mentions Beats by Dr. Dre, gtfo i dont want that weak shit btw: i didnt kno whether to put this thread in this section or the electronics section. i felt this was more appropriate.

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