Hoodie The hoodie is toughh! Especially the grey one, for the hypebeast or for the hood, it's tough.

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Fape? Why dont you just color coordinate clothes that you can afford? People who buy real shyt hate people who buy and rock fakes. My new mindset on fakes is if you want to go buy and rock fakes go ahead, cause anybody that needs to know your shyt is fake, KNOWS. Only people you are fooling are people that cant afford the shyt either, so they arent going to say anything. You wont fool me or anyone else that owns or knows real shyt.

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Arrive Arrive Miami is a great boutique has sneakers and clothes. It's on 16th street between Collins and Washington in Miami Beach.

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3x is def. hard to find. There are some Crooks 3x shirts and hoodies out there and also 10 deep. After that the going gets tough!

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I have the black hoodie and I'm dying to get the green one. Real good quality hoodie.

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One, Mariah can get it! Two, Hov is rockin Crooks now, expect to see it bootlegged and worn everywhere from Brooklyn to Mars.

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I'm pissed that Crooks has stopped coming out with 3x for this line!

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I'm 6'4 240. I like to be flyyy too though. Rocawear, Enyce...etc aren't what I'm into.

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What clothing lines have 3x besides Crooks. Also, what denim companies have Sz 40 besides Evisu and RMC. I'm kind of upset because it looks like the new Crooks line only comes in 2x!!

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Somone explain why is it that Apollo-NYC is in Chinese?

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