Looking to get back a tracking number tmrw., seller got the funds via paypal.

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just messaged you.

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I'M FROM L.A, I want the Lakers to 3 peat but it looks like the EAST will kill eachother off in the playoffs !

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I'm just waiting for L.A to win a three peat with Dwight Howard Signing with the Lakers the end of the year [=

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this bitch needs to get a d!^% in her before she starts talking..

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Well eat healthy first, workout and then use a protein shake try GMC for that. blushing

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Agreeeed !!>smh [Quote]

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I like shaka even though there collars are rather thick its better than wearing a loose collar shirt.

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All the gear that I usually wear haha |0

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Usually you could find someone rocking a tank and a beenie all the time. blushing

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Kobe 5's hands down like said above ^^^^

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Some people could pull it off and some can't .. It all depends on your style I guess.

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Walmart or house shoes look nice.

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Dude those are ugly as f*&^, tisa isn't all that.

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I would mess with some ugg boots haha

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