Since its Winter here in Canada and hella snow. Beaters: Black/Black Roll Top Timberland boots. <-- all day everyday until snow clears. Nice: ( When Theres No Snow ) My small Jordan collection and SeaGlow Fresh White AirForceOnes

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[SIZE="7"]Ya Boy[/SIZE] [U]Hands Down.[/U]

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that some batti boy clothing wtf is this shit.

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[Quote] 100percent agree no way in hell jeezy should of done this track. thank GOD it is not on his album.

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[Quote] i sometimes think the same thing. (*although his 1st cd sound of revenge was amazing ) i think thats why he tried to sell his last mixtape messiah 4.

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Cham Killed his last tape hope this one is as good. it came hella fast [URL]

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yea i think i did that like when i open my computer i got a fake drive with the age of empire logo... but shit still didnt work.. none the less i gave up on it and continued my cod4 life.

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[Quote] big up^ shit is just what im looking for. thanks

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anyone know a way i could rip songs from a website ( website that allow you to stream music . ie [URL] ) thanks Peeps

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im assuming some cds come out 1st in different country's then they rip it to the internet - > leaked album or as others said .. insiders djs i dunno thats my 2cents lol

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im not sure if im allowed to discusses this kinda stuff if not by bad. the other day i wanted to play Age of Empires 2. downloaded the torrent. ( image files + update and no cd crack ) i mounted the image file with daemon tools downloaded the game to my HD and updated the game and when i tried to use the no cd crack... it loads for like 5sec then does nothing..... am i doing something wrong ? this is my 1st time doing this kinda ting again if im not allowed to talk about this shit my bad :s

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[Quote] lol

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[Quote] lmao ! shit now im waiting...

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Hoodie was Official no problems quick shipping

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alright yo thanks imma try this out i might know what kinda happened... i gave the sd card to my sister and she put it in some kinda change purse thingy and the coins musta done something magnetic i dunno. Thanks for yo help.

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