vote hoes, no other choices unless you give me sucky sucky

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do they have an official site? and does anybod got any online sites with they sheet

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quien juegas? i know there was a thread on it but i searched and couldnt find it. who plays? [Image] my first character i started playing yesterday and im already hooked lolz

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so a friend of mine moved to idaho falls, are tehre any stores at all in this area? any help is appreciated

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If 'stalin' means 'man of steel', how do you say how do you say 'men of steel'. and yes i have tried translation sites but they give me russian letters and i cant pronounce that. this is an example люди стали sum1 pronounce that plz

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heppy birthday you hundreds loving chip eating hunk of a man blushing [Image] and this is my 1000th post and im still not banned =D

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Like which colors do you use for which part? Help appreciated.

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does anybody have any idea about how to rip the vocals from a song so it just leaves the beat. I NEED HELP sum1 plz

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How does supreme fit in comparison to thehundreds?

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and we're gonna party like its your birthday and we dont really give a fuck if its your birthday

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so i was listening to these two songs the other day and notcied they had really similar beats. juicy - notorious big and the ave - dre dog can anyone help me with this cause im really confused and btw dre dogs song came out first. any help is appreciated

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Uhhm i dont mean to sound like a nub but who is this [Image]

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