I've got 100 gold coins to whoever can point me to where I can cop this loose sort of denim long sleeve joint here... [Image]

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I mean...no. It's obviously not the official Lakers store. If you want a poorly made replica Magic jersey than I'm sure you've found a decent spot to get one though...

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Been looking for a way to rep Kobe w/out the shitty/typical designs most brands have...you hit the mark with this one. Very well done.

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[Quote] I wonder why...(ONLY)... still doper than a lot of new stuff nonetheless.

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Dunno where the hates coming from. I have no idea what it is but you could easily take a screencap and bring it to any salon and get it happening. Prob. not a barber though...looks treated....

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With you Dog. I was about to write an angry letter or some shit after I saw they restocked that. Everyone who copped the first time must've been like WTF, especially since the FAQ stated clearly that they would NOT be re-stocking the Crack Funk sweatshirts. Now I see someone rocking one every other week. I guess this is what we get for being smart consumers.

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there's no option to pick a size. at least on google chrome.

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