Yo this streetwear shop FORMATNY.com having a crazy sale up to 75% off. Not too many sizes left but some good shit on their! I check out thier blog alot (pretty dope) and seen this check it out! [Image] >smh>smh>smh

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LAME SHIT go on another board with this bullcrap!

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I have the crazies RRL Denims size 34.....i need to part ways DM me and Ill get you picks asking price $240

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Nice info dudes!

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SAME FREAKING COMPANY TAKING ALL YOUR MONEY! THE owner MADE 40MIl 2008, not even the company imagine what they making now!

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The Jean Shop hands down the best!!!!

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Hop of him!

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YEah uniqlo......but stop being cheap the Burberry one is teh BEST!!!

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This is the last year of thr varisty so get yours, rock yours and put it away!

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Just had a threesome w my neighbor and her best friend.....thsi was teh best christmas ever!

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Marc Jacobs, Chanel & Issey

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Check this one out formatny.com/blog Thisislavie.com ctothjl.com

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Come on (Pause) You wear Boat Shoes W/ NO SOCK! They are called boat shoes for a reason, imagine wear sock on the yatch w/ ur boat shoes and you get wet! NO SOCKS!!!!!

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Fresh A cardigan can look dope if it is styled correctly! YOu must understand how a cardigan is supposed to be worn and then add your style!>smh

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Good Shop in Queens Yo IDK if any of you guys are form Queens but check out this shop called Format they have some pretty sweet shit in there. Mishka, The Hundreds, Crooks & Castles, Nike, Nike 6, Nike Sportswear, MHI, STaple Frank 151, 10 deep, Acapulco Gold, Clae, Huf etc! smokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyfacesmokeyface Website: Formatny.com Webstore: store.formatny.com

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