who here place online bets or play casino games online? are they worth a try?

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post your age and credit score! Age : 21 Credit 710

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[Image] Is this real life?

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[Embed content] what's your feedback

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http://www.justin.tv/arconai_music#/w/5429769360 theres a guys twitter that has been posting pictures of his house getting shot at from the explosives and theres a live boston pd radio feed on the channel

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extremely funny show i've been watching for the past 2 weeks. i just finished with the 2 english dub seasons on netflixs. but google doesn't show me season 3-4 ,anybody on hb a fan of the ass dance master?

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Any good brands i can buy under that price range?

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anyone has any links for retail price?

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blushing i screen shot someones photo on instadumbassgram that had her card

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i'm tired of the fucking paper trees! i need some suggestions for a good air fresher people will love

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THE Internet got shut down for users in the east coast. west side be on the look out for 12AM

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[Image] Who The F*** Are they?

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it happen to me a few hours ago and unlike everyone i just can't cry for the person. i feel like i never did anything bad to that person ever .idk i just feel like a weirdo right now

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http://noobroom.com/ felt like sharing a good site to my mates

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Hit up for sale is a 2 pairs of foamposites royal and pewters...size 10. BIN =$500 shipped within the U.S. [Image]

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