Graphics in peoples hair cuts looks ridiculous.

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As of now im using the Polo "black" but im probably gonna go for the Kenneth Cole next time

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Im 16 and were i live theres some bad bitches that are like 13,14. I even talked to one whos boyfriend is like 19. WTF is that though.

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Got my score in the mail to day 4 In Us Gov.

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There really dope I cant wait to see what colorways/ materials will be on them

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Hey im thinking about purchasing a a pair of apc new standers but i heard you have to size down. I normally wear a size 36 on levis 511s and a 34 or levis 520s. What size should I buy.

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Ive seen many people posting wheteher they should get one shoe or another. I figured that people can post them all on the same place. I'll start True Blue 3s or Sea Crystal Highs

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Im bot really feeling the slim fit uniqlo camos.. but the chinos go hard

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