I'm gonna try and keep this short and sweet. Tees are marked by size. The prices I have listed take condition/rarity into account. Cheaper tees have been worn more, and the pricier ones are new or like new. For the sake of keeping flakers away, I will only respond to offers that can be worked out within 24 hours. Plenty of people have bought from me on here, and if you'd like to check my ebay seller feedback, my username is laureliz9. I'll accept paypal ONLY, money sent as gift or + 4%...Now onto the tees! Size Larges: [Image] -$25 Shipped Feel free to make me offers, I'm very willing to negotiate, but again, only make the offer if you're serious about coming through. I'm not holding on to anything, it's first come first serve. Thanks for looking!

Started by [FS] Tees galore, S-L, OLD Mishka Flying Coffin and More, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Trying to get rid of these in the next day or so. No trades. Paypal only. Money as gift or +4%. First off is the Bad Brains, Quickness tee, size LARGE. Worn/Washed about 5 times. Still in great condition. [Image] Looking for $20 shipped. Make offers, I'm very open to deals if someone wants both. Hit me up.

Started by FS: Supreme Bad Brains Quickness / Sean Cliver Dick and Jane, both LARGE- PRICE DROPS!, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Got some stuff to unload. Paypal only, money sent as a gift. NO TRADES. Any pics with spots are just from the camera. First off, a 10 Deep Varsity Jacket size LARGE from what I believe was the fall 2008 collection. Only been worn a couple of times. Basically new. My starting offer is $200 dollars shipped, but feel free to message me. [Image] MORE TO BE ADDED! Message me with offers. Thanks.

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So I tried posting these up a couple of weeks ago to no avail, but check 'em out. I put a decent amount of time into cleaning the bottoms and removing any questionable marks as best I could. These have only been worn about 10 times, and there is PLENTY of life left in them. They come with the original box and moccasin laces. I trimmed the fabric laces down, but I'll still include them. I'm looking for $90 shipped via paypal, but MAKE OFFERS via PM. [Image]

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I prefer Paypal, with the money sent as a gift, but if you can't swing it, we can talk. MAKE ME OFFERS. Prices are totes negotiable, don't be shy. First off is a pair of W)Taps chukka boots. SIZE 9. Got a decent amount of wear, but they haven't been worn in a couple of years. As you can see, they have some shit (Not actual shit) on them, but with a little effort this could be washed off. I cut the cloth laces and wrapped the tips in duct tape (trill as fuck), but the key chain, and original moccasin laces, as well as the burlap sack they came with will all be included in the OG box. [Image] S/O $55 Shipped

Started by FS- Black W)Taps Chukkas/Eggplant Foamposite Boots size 9. Gibson Dunks 10.5 PRICE DROP, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

Anybody got anything they're trying to get rid of?

Started by WTB- Mishka Jackets Sz Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel


Started by King Stampede Strawberry Cough Shirt Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Looking for good condition Mishka tees as well as a Supreme Bronson tee. Anyone?

Started by Mishka and Supreme Bronson Tees Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Probably the longest longshot ever...But yeah, anyone?

Started by Diamond Supply Misfits Crew Medium, 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Everything is either brand new or has been worn/washed about two times and remains in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Mommy still does the laundry, so no bullshit stains or anything. All come from a smoke free environment. [U]PAYPAL ONLY[/U] You will recieve a DC# with your order. Add $2 for shipping in the US, $8 international. First Off, the [B]MEDIUMS[/B] [Image] Diamond Life Sade OG- SOLD Bear Mop Polo- $30 And there you have it folks. MESSAGE ME via PM or email me at [email]treardon@bu.edu[/email] Thanks

Started by [FS] Blowout! $10 Tees and more! Mishka, Flying Coffin, Mighty Healthy, Diamond (S-M), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

Worn a fair amount of times, but still in great condition. I lost my camera chord, but they WILL come in the original box guranteed. I'm looking to get rid of these quickly so my starting offer is $85 shipped through Paypal. I am willing to negotiate, but lowballers will be ignored. No trades please, just money. Thanks! [Image]

Started by [FS] Cheap Black Cat IV's Size 9.5, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

Infared Dick and Jane/ Grey Halloween- $20 Dollars Each FxC Purple Discordia: $15 Halloween- $25 Each Worn/Washed about 3 times total. PM me if you're interested. [Image] S/O- $70

Started by [FS] Supreme/Flying Coffin(M) Mishka, Diamond(S), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

All of these items are in GOOD used condition. No fading/holes/etc. Shipping is $5 for the first item, $2 for each additional. I'm VERY open to offers, but lowballers will be ignored. Paypal only! Get at me through this thread or through PMs. Diamond Supply Co. Misfits Crewneck [Image] Discordia- $10 Flying Coffin Halloween- $30 Sean Cliver Dick and Jane- $25 Sean Cliver Halloween- $25 Again, MAKE OFFERS. Don't be shy... Thanks!

Started by [FS] Diamond Misfits sweatshirt, Supreme Mishka, Flying Coffin tees. All size Medium., 2 Weeks ago in Apparel

All shoes are with the original boxes. I'm very open to offers. I'm not looking for trades, but prices can be negotiated. Don't be shy! [Image] Jordan III Fusions. Worn about 5 times. I replaced the laces. Looking for $45 Shipped Again, feel free to MAKE OFFERS, I'm trying to get rid of these. Thanks.

Started by [FS] Hare Jordan 1, Jordan III Fusions, Brut Dunks (9-10) Cheap, 2 Weeks ago in Sneakers

All are in used condition, worn washed about 5 times each. PRICES are definitely NEGOTIABLE, so don't be shy! [Image] Top Row: Black Crooks Crossbones 7 1/2- $20 Mishka D.A.R.T. 7 1/4- $25 Crooks Chain Link C Navy 7 1/2- $20 Actual Pain x Mishka 7 3/8- $25 Crooks Chain link C Red 7 1/2- $20 Mishka Death Adders Black 7 1/4- $20 Off Bowery Snapback- $20 Mishka Runes Black 7 3/8- $20 Celtics New Era 7 5/8- $20 Mishka Bear Mop 7 3/8- $20 Captain America New Era 7 1/2- $20 Shipping is $5 dollars for the first item, $2 for each additional.

Started by [FS]Cheap! Mishka, Diamond, THx Crooks, Supreme Hats/Tees(7 1/4-7 1/2)(S-L), 2 Weeks ago in Apparel