Looking for the Fragment Design x Oakley "O" Frame Goggles. Prefer white but will take either color. Also interested in anyone who could pick them up for me at the Oakley flagships in Yokohama or Harajuku. Get at me!

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Can anyone pick me up the new Oakley x Fragment O Frame? ([URL]) White is preferable but either color works. PM me if you can help out. Thanks!!

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Obviously there are a million places; I'm looking for somewhere thats stocking Imperial, Flathead, Samuria, Ironheart, etc... Anywhere good besides Blue In Green?

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Was in NYC last week, and copped Supreme denim on a little bit of a whim (along with a bunch of other ish... so broke). Having heard bad things/nothing, I'm pleasantly surprised. The cut is good, a little baggier than APC NS, but not much, and selvedge quality is good. Its not crazy thick, probably an ounce or a little less then APCs, but its dark indigo (and obviously raw). Crotch is a little long, but that works with most of my T's, etc, and a good look for someone whos kind of short (5'9ish). Point being, preme denim, kind of nice. I'll post pics/a fit with em soon (+++ Supreme. Supreme. Vans.)

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Time to upgrade from APCs. Definetly not copping online, but I live in Boston and will probably go down to NYC in the next couple weeks. I'm gonna try on some Diors (HB influence right thurr) but I'm worried they aren't going to be thick enough. Kinda want some heavy raw shit; maybe Iron Heart, Samurai, Imperial... etc. Looking for some guidance HB fam.

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I'm about 4.5 months into some APC NS. I started them in the summer, so near the end of August they needed one night in the freezer for smell (sweat, etc). Saturday night I spilled a drink all over them (oy...) and they smelled horrible. So I gave them a 50 minute hot soak today with a little Woolite Dark. I really wasn't looking to soak them for a while longer, which is why I only left them for 50 minutes and didn't scrub or agitate anything. So, on the bright side, my denim is cleaner and I barely lost any color. But, they still smell a little bit. I'm thinking as soon as they're totally try I'll just put them in the freezer again... but any recommendations? I don't need the 'just wash your jeans' comments; that method is all well and good but I'd rather not (trying to save the dark indigo color, etc).

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Anyone know what the deal with the new Uniqlo denim is?

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Finally thinking about throwing down for a pair. How much should I size up/down?

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My boy just moved to the Mayfair area, around Hyde Park. Just wonderin what the best shops in the city are and where theyre at. Thanks

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Thinking about copping either some APC New Cures or Slim Jims. Can anyone help me out with the main differences between em? Also, how much do each stretch? I'm a 31, tryin to figure out how much to size down.

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Hey- Writing a paper for school, and I was just wondering what the process was for acquiring a Nike account (what you have to go through for different levels, etc). Help me out?

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When this dropped, was one of the colorways white skull on a red T?

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I copped a pair of Cheap Monday's ([URL]) a little while back. I wanna stretch them out a bit, and was looking for some help (having never done it before). I know they'll stretch more over the new few months just as I wear em, but is there any other way (faster, etc)?

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Neeeeeeeed these in my life... anywhere know where to cop? [URL]

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How do Artful Dodger hoodies run, sizewise? I have one of their bigger winter coats and it runs a little big, but I'm pretty sure that sizing isn't consistant with the hoodies.

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