YO HB help a friend out Go on this link and click "I like" on my pictures . help me win the leica contest , they will give me a leica LX1 to take 36 shots of my city LIKE LIKE LIKE My friends blushing [URL]

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[URL] I know you dudes hate on this dude since he dissed OF but..... shit is smokeyface imo , different from usual B.O.B tho

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I'm going there for 4 days at the end of july , anyone know where I can find good spots to take pictures , shop , eat & have fun at night ?

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I need some advice for a work I'm doing for a clothing shop , the pictures will be taken at sunset/dusk on downtown , so the streetlights will help me .... I ain't got an additional flash . any advice is welcome

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[URL] from the upcoming album "no mercy". Em goes in , I feel like he's back on top of his game lately smokeyface

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lol [URL]

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Anybody is going ? you guys are so lucky , you have more chances to see my heroes in the U.S than me in Milan lol

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I took all the pics with my phone , I thought that was a good idea to take daily pics with my mobile . feedbacks appreciated Day 1 Pics from the plane , my day around london and the casino [Image] OBVIOUSLY I TOOK PICS WITH MY DSLR TOO , I'LL UPLOAD EM IN THE DAILY SNAPS LATER AFTER ALL THAT RAW EDITING

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I just found out he goes harder than a lot of rappers right now .... check this freestyle and fuck drake and his blackberry written rhymes [URL]

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95 , I was 12 years old sigh [URL]

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Just got caught by nostalgia when I saw these old vids ... [URL]

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funny shit [Image]

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Anybody watching ?? [Image]

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You're favourite HBer's favourite HBer is coming to NY October 2010 need somebody to show me the Big Apple blushing

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Inspired by Derrion Albert murder [URL]

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