Doctor diagnoses you with an incurable disease. You only have 3 months left. What do you do? 1.) Don't tell anybody about the disease 2.) Have dinner/drinks with everyone who's helped me in my life 3.) Say sorry to all the females I've fucked over 4.) Travel to SF/Hong Kong/Japan 5.) Concerts almost everyday 6.) Pay back $$ to my parents 7.) Volunteer and help kids out a lot more 8.) Hit up helpful HB fam 9.) Meet BasedGod 10.) Eat Dominican girls' asses

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My little brother is incredibly spoiled, a result of not getting the beatings I did when I was younger. Here's what he's usually like: - Sore loser when he loses - Looks down on other people who he thinks are "below" him - Has never worked a day in his life; doesn't appreciate hard work - Thinks that the world owes him everything just for existing HB fam, how do I take care of this situation? I like to think that I'm a pretty compassionate guy, but I always trusted that my parents would raise him the way I was raised. Do I have your permission to kick his ass? Thanks. Much appreciated.

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Have you guys known anyone who committed suicide? How did you/their friends/family react? I know it's fucked up to say this, but I think time will heal the pain/loss and eventually, people will forget and move on.

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A lot of us are a bit young, still haven't started our careers, etc. But right now, are you happy with how far you've come in your lives? Career, family, friends, etc.?

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I've been listening to her stuff for a while. Just wanted to recommend her to HB. Reminds me of a modern day Sade. [Embed content]

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It's becoming irritating seeing him: 1.) Post shit from the Official Simp thread 2.) Try to whiteknight these high school bitches 3.) Give a pair of Vans to a shorty for prom I'm fairly convinced this is because our parents (Vietnamese/French) never beat him/spoiled him. What to do? I've considered ass-kicking, pushing him off a cliff, etc. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

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I'm sure quite a few HB fam comes from immigrant families; definitely some good and bad there. My parents helped me a ton throughout these past 21 years. I just copped 2 iPads for them today. They started screaming and telling me to go return them. No way. Anybody go through shit like this? I'm definitely grateful for family, but shit like this just makes me laugh and SMH at the same time. #1stworldproblems

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Anybody here play the sax or trumpet? I've been a longtime jazz fan and am really interested to learn. I'm located in NYC, can pay for lessons, etc. Please share your experience/recommendations/suggestions. Thanks a lot, HB fam.

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Probably a few people who are around my age (21), was wondering if you guys feel this way. I have a lot to be grateful for; good internship, good friends, my girl, good family, a job lined up after I graduate. But I feel all the work I've put in to get to this point has been for nothing. I feel like I'm just going through the motions. Been drinking a lot lately to numb everything. Been experimenting with harder drugs. I don't have shit figured out and it's getting to me now that I have actual responsibilities. Anyone else ever feel stuck/complacent/disappointed? How'd you get out of your rut? tldr; I'm grateful for all I have, but I don't think I'm happy.

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Teaser premiered during Super Bowl. Here's an even better trailer: [Embed content] smokeyface smokeyface

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[Quote] I said yes to almost all of this. Never considered myself one, but let me hear what you think.

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What's good, HB. Got in a skating accident a few days ago. Waiting for my doctor's appointment next week, but in the meantime, was wondering if you guys ever experienced this shit. Pic of bruises: How can I minimize scarring/make this heal faster? I've already put Neosporin/hydrogen peroxide on, but it fucking stings. Do Band-Aids really slow down the healing process? PS - I wear a suit everyday to work. No airflow at all. Thanks, HB fam. I'm really reeling from this pain. It's really difficult to walk, let alone move my right leg.

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[Embed content]

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At 0:50 - 0:52: [Embed content] Dealbreaker - yes/no?

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Yo, Verizon just sent me some claim of copyright infringement for d/ling Black Swan. Apparently, this is the 2nd notice (I never got the 1st notice). I d/led Black Swan through uTorrent. Anybody ever got a notice? I was fucking stupid for letting all my torrents seed. Fuck.

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