damn underaged b&s everywhere life is alright after college. you cant really do shit on the weekdays but thats why you have the weekends. on the flip side you dont have to deal with homework, midterms, finals, etc. you'll be making more money, believe me when you see your first paycheck thats over $1000 youll be glad youre done with college for you unemployed, i applied to over 500 jobs, got 30 replies, 2 offers - took me 3 months to find a job right out of getting my bachelors. unemployment rate sucks, but you just keep on truckin. pick a major that will actually be relevant to the world..... that means dont pick some bullshit major like liberal arts or some shit, the majors that will always find you job are engineer (any kind) and computer science. i chose economics, so yea thats why i had to apply to hella jobs before i even found 1 so thats the only regret i have from college - i consider economics semi-bullshit only because you can go get your phd and research for the government. by the time youre about to graduate, youll be over it. trust me. just enjoy it while it lasts son

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with this economy.... good luck. retail sector is decreasing everyday you really want a job? online sector is increasing everyday, youll have to sift through the shit for a couple of years before you land a good job

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lol you all have some low standards shes only alright/whatevers for an asian chick

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forgot a step: release pigs onto school grounds

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mattress in the pool. takes a crane to get out or get 3 pigs (idk how) and paint numbers onto them. number them 1, 2, and 4. watch as they desperately look for number 3

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you mean being beta?

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you know what i learned in 6 years of researching the economy? treat the economy as you would a yugioh game. traps are made (like the mortgage rates) so its up to you to attack and activate the trap card. sometimes though, life just aint fair and you get screwed in the azz. what happened to my chan

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honestly going to college IS just having fun. think about it, when will you ever be able to do anything like going to college again? never if i were you i would try to persuade my mom everyday to let me dorm, missing the dorm life is pretty much missing what college is all about, learning about self reliance and all that other bullshit you need to survive in the real world without your mom. you miss out on friends too that could last a lifetime, longer than hs friends good luck, you still need to study and do well, dont forget that, even if you did dorm

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oh shit LOL

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Changed my mind, i'm going sicccc i dont really like pokeballs, the rolls aren't crazy enough. some good rave pills are the tweeky shit, unless you hate tweeky shit with a passion. get some blue middle fingers or purple mother fuckers or yellow fast forwards, more drugs with a mix of high mdma = crazy roll = horrible ass come down. man up, a come down is just a come down, smoke some weed and you'll be good

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ps. no one really knows wtf global warming really is. the closest theory to what it is is what someone mentioned earlier, that funky thing that occurs before every major extinction. what global warming does is that it throws the climate way out of whack so for each season the temperature will be even more extreme (either too hot or too cold) so things start dieing because there is no consistency. we didnt really fuck ourselves with the global warming thing, it was probably going to happen sooner or later, we probably just sped up the process

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economic shifts usually result in a recession and unemployment, give it a couple of years and unemployment will go back to normal rates this bill will probably cut a lot of jobs in that industry, but this bill will probably end up creating more industries than destroying. basically, it's trying to kill the natural oil industry and create either a hybrid, electronic, or hydrogen based economy - which will make us more money than we can ever make in a natural resource economy. as a result it will most likely create more jobs later because we will need more people to research and develop an alternative industry, more people to create components for these industries, people to test, etc etc. outsourcing the natural resources economy can also benefit us in the long run because international trade always makes the countries that trade with each other better off. changes like these always seem to be bad at the moment because in the short run people lose jobs, money, and prices rise - but the economy takes time to balance itself out so we just gotta wait and tough it out until everything balances out hopefully. the economy is a cold thing, some people will be better off and some people will be worse off but that's just how it is. there cant be rich people or middle class people without the poor and there have to be some people that suffer for the people that are better off than them. the economy's unfair, that's just how it is, if you wanna be rich go to college and get a degree because that's what's gonna be what you need later on to be rich. the bar is raising, especially with the elimination of lower skilled labor there will be a much higher demand for a higher skilled labor

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do you still peak when you roll, i dont anymore tongueface but na no EDC for me, going to noct later

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[Quote] Jea booooyyyy

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