I like the E46 M3 [Quote] lol

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Since my post simply offers the opinion of two other people, I'll give you the benefit of doubt that this response is not targeted against me. I was born and raised on Rosewood, and have dwindled many paychecks at their Fairfax location. I think both parties, you, the supporter, and them, the opponents, provide very legitimate arguments to defend their claim. Retail can be a draining profession, and when a majority disrespect you, returning the favor becomes second nature. Supreme offers exciting products at a fair rate, and market their brand better than anyone in the industry. I agree that, on many occasions, this company has made the designs of others look elementary. To debate whether they regulate to whom they target remains to be seen. On the other hand, with such a strong brand, the customer service aspect may be ignored, or considered unnecessary, because obviously their clientele base only increases in size. But is their customer service, or lack there of, declining their image? These employees are essentially representatives of the brand and why would anyone support those they don't like? I have shopped with Supreme many times, and they have showed me enough respect to continue support. But I honestly believe that poor representation can definitely leave a sour taste. To everyone else who doesn't give a damn about my opinion, please accept my apology in advance. [Quote]

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What's the best transportation method from Greenwich Village to Lafayette and Spring? I believe there's a bus on Houston St, but my legs usually are a faster travel across that stretch. TIA.

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I though this was a humbling reads about the stores from HB: "I agree, the employees at both US locations are douche bags. They don’t aknowledge you when you pass them, reluctant to grab sizes from the back, refuse to thank anyone for their purchases. The company markets their brand better than anyone else in the industry, but they set me up for disapointment with their snobby attitude. These guys need to shape up their attitudes if care to attract those that value service." -DonkeePuncher "Im really beginning to think that someone at Supreme shops through a manufactures catalog and just picks the items they want to sew their red block tag on. it doesnt really appear that they put much thought into the design. Do they have a design team? PLUS, if a company wants to charge these crazy high prices in this crappy economy we are then they better step up their customer service. Ive tried contacting Supreme with certain questions and I keep getting the tanks for your qwuestions but were to busy to help you reply. What person would drop $300.00 on a backpack for example if they cant even see the inside of the damn thing? Just Venting, PEACE" -noiseisgolden

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If you have a deadstock pair, I'm your buyer.

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Kicks Hawaii and In4mation are always a must visit for me in Oahu. I just enjoy the beaches in Maui.

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LOL @ replies I agree that the tee would look better had the back remained blank. But I don't think they could have pulled off the F word if font was more formal.

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[Quote] Hondas and Acuras are owned by many. And they typically add/modify parts that are interchangeable with their others. These cars are relatively easy to steal and I assume they take advantage for either profit or personal gains.

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^^Those are dope. I'll visit them soon. I picked up some shorts a week ago that fit well.

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[Quote] Europeans make some of the best cars in the market, but this is the OPs first car. Aside from eating and sleeping JDM, he may want something with a lower ownership cost.

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What's your budget? The G35 looks badass and offers a decent amount of luxury, but I find it a little husky compared to your other options. I wish my first car were more fun to drive than offer a decent amount of leather goods. I like the s2k alot, but if you're not a convertable fan, the 350Z is a nice choice.

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GT3 RS [Image]

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I wonder if the roof is covered with the same material

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[Quote] I had no idea! Now I understand what others are talking about and will second guess any purchase from them. Thanks for the info!

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[Quote] I love this company and everything they stand for. Once my current wears out, I will move over to this brand.

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