yea whatever.

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I am probally going to go to Russia This Summer or A church Retreat. I have never been and wanted to know if any of you all had. I also would like to know what the good places to go are, oh and im only 16 so i cant go to bars and stuff,lol. I was also wandering are they into streetwear over there?

Started by Going to Russia, 2 Weeks ago in Off Topic Do you think this guy looks like a scammer or not because this is my first time selling and im kind of scared. Im selling a broken Ipod and he sent me a message and asked how much it would cost to end it early. I said $50 and he said ok and asked for my paypal address. snet it to him and am waiting for a responce. So does look like the real deal or a scam? Thanks

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This is for all the people on here that get allowance. How much do yall get? I get $20 a week

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does anybody know if ccs will be restocking before christmas and also what are some other websites besides and

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i seen them on the front page but iu cant find any info on them. does anybody know when there going to be realeased?the price?and where/ thanks any help would be appreciated

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