This ad gets in the way of the search and quick links drop down

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shipped to canada me offers

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so i got a modded psp but i don't know where to download, don't want to use torrents cause mine isn't working well...

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looking for any color preferably ds. shipped to canada please

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so i just realized that winter is basically around the corner...anyone have any suggestions for boots/shoes for the winter? one thing that i'm staying away from are timberland boots, i just think they're too heavy.

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ok so i just completed my registration to the forums :D...but there were some weird problems i originally wanted to use the username i use everywhere (tapemanpl)...but no matter what i try i couldn't, resorting to tapeman still didn't work, but now it accepts tapepl...i checked the members list and these weren't being used and i don't think it's a length problem since there are members here with names much longer than that...odd i guess i'll have to stick with this username

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