Its the next jump off ya'll [Image] STEAK X ILLISS LIFESTYLE presents ILLA IN MANILLA "ROUND 2"! Hosted by Fil-Am Skateboard Legend, Willy Santos. Saturday - June 23, 2007 - 10PM @ Prince Of Jaipur - The Fort / Manila, Philippines STEAK Fam DJs Skratchmark, Bliss, B_Cal & Teaze on the 1's & 2's all night with MC PAULYMACK on the mic. Special giveaways & other surprises from STEAK, ILLISS, WILLY'S WORKSHOP, BIRDHOUSE skateboards, OBEY, POWER skateboarding shoes, ARNETTE sunglasses, THE TAKEOVER, STATE OF MIND, HELLZ BELLZ & COMMONWEALTH. [URL]

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[Image] Who's goin??? Get @ me! [URL]

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(((MODS CAN U PLEASE STICKY THIS))) I know a lot of people have been requesting for this guide so here it is. Keep in mind that I've only been here for about 11 months! And that theres not a lot of exclusive streetwear/sneakers shops here...but the culture is growing smokeyface So if i miss some dope spot on this list, feel free to put me on so i can update it. STREETWEAR, SNEAKER, & LIFESTYLE BOUTIQUES: ================================ TAKEOVER SHOP - (men/womens apparel & sneakers) Blanco Bldg, Leviste St. Salcedo Village Makati Labels/brands: FUCT, Plain Gravy, Obey, Foreign Family, King Stampede, Siknuss, In4mation, Hellz Bellz, The Hundreds, L&D, Stussy, Emortal..etc Consignment sneaker brands: Nike (SBs, Quickstrikes, Exclusives), Vans, Visvim, Puma, Adidas..etc **main shop not open yet but pm me to shop @ our showroom. APPOINTMENTS ONLY for now** [Image] [URL]

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I got a bunch of these catalogs from ASR and Magic 2002 and i put it inside the boxes of my first SB series. I totaly forgot that i had these until i opened my supa box to rock today! The good old days....(excuse the bad photos but i only got my phone cam) Here are the folded covers of the catolog with the og Nike riders that can be ripped away and used as postcards. [Image] Hope you guys enjoyed my blast from the past! Now if i can only find the catalog after this one.... [URL]

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I just want to say big ups to everyone in the PEE EYE who's been pushing the whole sneaker culture because its definetely working! I saw a lot of heats being rocked @ the Nike AF XXV party. Here are some kicks i managed to take without lookin' like a paparazzi. Feel free to step up and rep yourself if you're the person who rocked some of these heats... [Image] Mighty Crown Dunks These kicks are pretty impressive considering that most of these kicks are hard to come by here in the PEE EYE since it never came out here. Bless up to everyone thats been in the shoe game here in the PEE EYE and keep pushing the culture! [URL]

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Considering that this forum is filled with fashionistas and shoe heads its only right that we have this thread. I'm not really sure if this kind of thread exist here before but i checked the first few pages and didn't see it. This is a good way to see what label/brand people are wearing and in what style from different parts of the world. I'll go ahead and start it.... UNDEAFETED CAP/ FUCT TEE/ KREW JEANS/ NIKE AM 97 360 [Image] This is what I wore last time i went out which was thursday for the Nike AF XXV Anniversary in the Philippines. [URL]

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Nike Air Force XXV Anniversary was celebrated in the PEE EYE this past thurs @ Fiamma. Here are some pics i took @ the event. [Image] bidding started @ $2000!!! Enjoy the pics and feel free to add on some pics if u were there or just big up yourself if you attended. There will also be an actual after party for this presentation this Thursday @ the club formerly known as Manila DJ Club. Displays of different forces will be on display! [URL]

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