Hey everyone, We have a [URL] going on. Check it out [Image]

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Just helping spread the word for a friend and artist based in London, UK who has just released a new paper toy for his character Speakerdog. The Artist is Ben the Illustrator and he is hoping to turn Speakerdog into a vinyl toy one day in the future. You can show your support and download the toy at the link below. If there are any artists that want to do a design, get in touch with Ben through his website. [URL] [Image]

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I got lion-o. Will put the pic up soon when I take a good one. Going to try and get a collection of thundercats, TMNT and maybe he-man. What other retro toys were cool?

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these are hot but they cost a bomb. I love the white one

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Who else likes the old Thundercat Toys. I just got my first one off ebay for

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[Quote] LOL blushing. Like the 3rd T-shirt as well

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Magic looks great. Heard lots about it before. Makes the shows in London look even worse

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Hey peepz, Desperately need some good new trainers. Wanted some rare adidas trainers. Anyone know of a good London store apart from the usual such as Size, Adidas store or office. Thanks Tahir

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Name: Tahir Age: 22 Occupation: manager of my own company interests. football (soccer), boxing, art, video games

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thanks for the links. I liked the stuff at the Mr Wong site. The tallest virtual building in the world is great

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At the moment I am feeling 24, Curb your enthusiasm and Firefly :D

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Hey, Post pics of any custom toys you own. Just wana see what kind of customs people are into Tahir

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Hi everyone, I have just got into doing pixel art and I wanted to know of any really good pixel artists. I know about eboy and rod hunt. Any others? Tahir

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