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TAC's second mixtape/album is now out. All produced by him. Check out  [URL]

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Song for a friend that passed away. Tryna start a movement for her, and make these young teens realize that all these tv commercial artists talk about drugs and partying as if there are no consequences. Also a member of the group "Genesi" [Embed content]

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TAC's album "Feed Me Grapes" will be coming out November 10th. Check out the first single "Feed Me Grapes" right here. [Embed content] Genesimusic.tumblr.com Twitter.com/JustTac

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Thank you for being a part of Genesi and helping us out. We hope you enjoy the album [URL]

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I run a group called Genesi, and we're just trying to make it with our dream. I hope you guys enjoy this. The album G.O.D. (Genesi Or Die) come sout July 5th. Be on the look out. We all have distinctive styles, so find the one you like. The songs are only a minute long. Hopefully you become a fan, and become a part of the movement. T.A.C. [Embed content] [URL]

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I run a group called Genesi, and we want to get help to get to our dream. This whole month I'm gonna post a video off of the different members of Genesi. Everyone has their own style. If you guys can give me your opinions on us and help us, I will appreciate it. Now if you guys don't like it, feel free to say it. I like criticism. So that being said, heres the firs two links. [Embed content] Rapgenius explanation Smallville: [URL]  P.S. Our album G.O.D. will come out July 5th on Datpiff.

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