I just received my tan belt and wallet in the mail. Quality is amazing and the belt/wallet are both beautiful. I bought a 34" belt and the fit is perfect as well. My true waist size is ~32". Looks sweet with the orange threads on my Nudie jeans &) Thinking of buying a belt for my little brother too. E-mails were replied to within 24 hours and the products were sent within 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend you guys to everyone I know blushing

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I suggest taking it to a dry cleaners and see if they can get it out for you.

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Been about a week since I ordered a belt and bi-fold wallet. Hopefully Ill get it by the end of this month or before school starts :D

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[Quote] ^^^

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The Northface - Surge

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Crooks and Castles Uniqlo Hundreds Stussy Supreme Nudie Pure Blue Japan Imperial Dukes Naked and Famous (32oz raw denim holy fuck) Nike Vans Supra

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Weight gainers I believe are a waste of money. Most weight gainers have pretty terrible ingredient profiles. Ectomorphs (skinny body type, hard to gain weight/muscle) should eat 6 meals a day. Not necessarily big meals, but meals high in protein. If you're a beginner in lifting weights, try a basic 5x5 (5 sets of 5 reps each). You're doing it right if you're able to finish the last set giving it all you have. Deadlifts, squats, etc are CRUCIAL if you're trying to get big. Those lifts use a higher % of muscle than other lifts. Intensity builds immensity. Good luck.

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Just copped a belt and wallet from TG. Cant wait to see how they turn out...especially since we've been getting warnings about the UV rays being too strong lately in the east.

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