my brother has a g35 and loves it, except in the winter when it becomes a death machine. this year he learned his lesson and picked up a set of winter tires

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interesting thats it back in Los Santos. i wonder why they haven't done another UK since the original top-down gta

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i think that was the biggest complaint is that sphere is a nice feature but needs a little work, as you see the photo stitching fail in spots

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canon rebel t3 or if you find a little bit of extra money the t3i. really though the kit lens will hold you over for a bit, but you will eventually need to invest in some better lenses, which will be more expensive the the body of your camera

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with what you are looking to buy, i would finance if you HAVE to have this car. i think the thing you are missing is the cost of ownership. as someone that owned a german luxe car, i can tell you that you will quickly find out that maintenance is going to be your worst nightmare, unless you can handle that yourself. i'm sure you'd much rather have all that money in your account or somewhere gaining some interest, then to have something bad happen and have to scramble to sell your car, because you're outta discretionary funds. don't put all your eggs in one basket

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probably too late to help you but i'm a web/ux/ui/mobile designer

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its possible, the biggest thing you need to realize, is tht this isn't going to happen overnight. you're gonna have to put in a lot of work and sacrifice as anyone in the industry will tell you. on top of that the example of givenchy is a good example of success in the market you are after, but you have to consider how long that brand has been around since they made this pivot. they also had a ton of money in case this shit they are doing now failed a season or two. also you should honestly take a chunk of time to research whats going on in the market, especially in japan. the market out there is a lot more daring and will to try stuff out and you may find a lot of inspiration. another thing you may want to do is to try and find an internship with some brand. sure they'll probably treat you like shit, but the amount of things you'll learn will greatly out weight that.

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at one point had over 100 pairs of kicks, i'm down to somewhere around 60ish, but its still my greatest regret as i'm trying desperately to sell of a chunk of my collection now. i'd love to have no more then 20. a couple pair of shoes for work to have variety, a couple pairs of boots and shitty weather shoes, 2 pairs of biking/exercising shoes, one or two really nice sneakers that i can dress up, and the rest would just be staple kicks like cons and vans.

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for the most part i'm gonna go with the folks sayin oversize, because the last thing you want to do is to fuck your feet up over some kicks. that being said there are conditions in which buying a smaller size is fine, but that usually is in the case of quality leather shoes like say a pair of common projects, there is no padding so for the most part, and the leather stretches and molds with wear and form with your foot. jordan 3s really don't fall into my example, so size up or don't bother, just save your money.

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you know there will be 60000 different pre-order bonus' so i would wait, but its good to see there is finally a release date

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i think they are praying that folks will buy this colorway. i think if the decide to re-release the lightning colorway, it will do infinitely better

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Way to go Giants. I was hoping for an A's vs Giants series, but whatever. Parade is on the 31st, will be nuts.

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i have to agree that the s100 is probably you best bet for a potent travel camer. can shoot in RAW if you are so inclined

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timberland abington gore-tex in brown

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