I got one of the new tees and the custom body design shows. Or rather, it feels, basically, the shirt seems to fit a little bit slimmer while still allowing room under the armpits, and still being true to size. The material is definitely a bit thicker and softer than on some others. this is only a matter of degrees, and it should be noted when I say feel, cuz it looks basically the same as any other shirt if you were to peel off the graphic, it just fits and feels a bit better to me. BTW-when I say things like 'better' and 'softer' I actually am referring to an old KS shirt that was the exact same label size as the other one, but if you were to place them flat on the floor on top of each other, they do not overlap. I know this because I am looking at it right now. The new one is less boxy, and the sleeves are actually the same length, so no changes there.

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[Quote] Cuz They are both kinda preachy?

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[Quote] Bitch was big back in the day, and everybody and their moms was tryin to pull off straight hair and size 0's. Thats the influence Im talking about. Sorry I dont talk like a fuckwad moron-jocko type, so go eat some stinky pussy and wear your baseball cap backwards princess. You post on hypebeast = you have interest in fashion.....or your a 14 year old into 'flame wars'....which are you?

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Children don't get Supreme. They arent supposed to. You don't 'get it' till you live a little, read, watch and hear a few things. Get your education on, kids. 24 I grew up, lived in a world where the same influences that go into a brand like Supreme speak directly to me. I watched Tyson Pummel Berbick at the age of Four. I remember Kate Moss being the next big supermodel and wondering at the influence her 'heroin chic' style would have on mainstream fashion. I listened to my older Brothers' Bad Brains and Clash tapes. Superman was Christopher Reeves, and my Dad's favourite Boxer of all time is Ali, he used to tell me stories about how Cassius Clay was a real patriot, a man as strong in his convictions as he was in the ring. Supreme knows what they are doing. It just goes over some of your heads.

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Companies sizing to help out ppl with their self esteem is a joke, but its true. When they are measured out, many clothes' real size has no relationship with whats on the tag. Thats why I don't really get the people who don't try stuff on. Although the idea of trying it on then buying it cheaper on the net is great, and I wholeheartedly support this tactic 100%.

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The Taliban smashed Ancient Buddhas carved into cliffs because they did not want the artefacts from another religion pioisoning their 'Islamic State'.... History and memorabilia are just relics that remind us of a past we cannot forget. Do not let a reactionary response to evocative imagery allow ya to overlook the inherent value of the subject matter.

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I think threads like this really embody the cultural dissonance between America and Japan. If you did not know about the Japanese Nazi-WW2 memorabilia thing in general in Japan, it might look really weird. It kinda is, they got like a theme restaurant and shit. I find it a little strange still. Bottom line is this; Japan and Germany were WW2 allies remember, so Nazi memorabilia is on the same level as imperial army memorabilia for the most part over there. It'd be like a German with some British or American WW2 memorabilia, would he be considered a traitor and supporting something bad by his fellow german's? or just a war buff with some stuff from 'the other side' in his collection? Just look at the perspective and it all makes sense.

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For real, stop bitching about Asians re-selling and get your ass in line, and if you don't want any clothes or to re-sell, then don't knock the yellowman's hustle. Sheeeet, I am like the opposite of Asian, but I don't give a shit whos re-selling or lining up. Asian re-sellers garbage baggin it and getting their @ 5 a.m?,then bring a bigger duffel bag, and get there at 4 a.m. Real simple. If you can't figure out the rules to the game, and how to beat it or get around them, then the game aint for ya.

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hahaha, no its totally natural, and Datkid, chill buddy, I called you on your belligerent psuedo-ignorance, you got heated I called you on it, thats that. You take it so personal, I only pointed out to ya that you said you were too lazy and ignorant to read something which perfectly explained a now unneccessary question you had asked. "so if there was some really good explination for why those guys redo the same shit...over...and over...and over...and over again, can you make it like a 5 second read please...cuz im really tryna understand this shit" And when I called you on it, you took another comment about 14 year olds on these damn messageboards to heart. If your not 14 then dont worry about it, it obviously wasnt directed at you. If you understood what Crooks is trying to do but think the designs are wack then say so. But don't ask why they do it, get answered, then keep asking. Take a whole extra 5 seconds to read the rest of what Bobby said, its all right there. And I think pretty much 75% or more of the consensus is the new seasons recycled designs ARE wack (Maybe I havent made that opinion clear yet, but I too am not really loving this stuff like I did s/s f/w '06). 1302 King st W Toronto, Ontario Just come to the stoop, we'll find ya, its the Parkdale Zoo up in here...... But enough bullshit, yes the designs are recycled, but we've seen a mere 5 or 6 seasons from Crooks in North America. They are establishing a strong brand identity. In this growth phase, I think it is more important to get their steez out there than to focus on satisfying the relatively small % of the consumers like us who beast for something new. As has previously been mentioned, yes WE've seen this stuff before, but to a large majority of the consuming public, this shit is all new to them. If Crooks had no carry-over in theme and designs from season to season, their ability to establish their identity through recognizable graphics and mainstream exposure (i.e. famous ppl wearing their clothes) would be comprimised. Eight months ago, my Medusa crewneck got alot of "whats that?" kinda mentions, now it gets more of a "oh damn, I seen that on __ ____"(insert rapper/famous person) Which I think is intentional on the part of Crooks, but to most of us 'hypebeasters' this is the epitomy of wack; when 'regular'(AKA GAP Khaki wearing whiteguys) people start to recognize the clothes and brands you wear. Not Cool. For Crooks, Im sure they are seeing their orders rise and their number of accounts grow, which is a good thing. Not so much for the rest of us.

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got me?....ok so how EXACTLY he get at me? Datkid.....I won't watch how I talk to you, cuz you don't speak like someone who deserves respect. Run your fingers and type, but you ain't saying anything. What kind of rebuttal is that? How about saying something with SUBSTANCE. Yeah I've took classes, that means I have been Schooled. Educated. Got it? I been to a school of another type, called prison you little bitch. I'll call you son, like I fucking birthed your whole tough guy style. Have something to say? Then say it. But I hear nothing. You think the design is wack? rehashed? Fine. Your entitled to your opinion. But with your first contribution you asked a question that was answered already, and seemed proud of your lack of an attention span. If you can't read, illiteracy is a bitch, but if you can read and choose not to?....Your the bitch. So if I mistook your inability to read or understand the concepts of branding, class conciousness, ironic re-interpretation, and associative memes that go into what makes the whole Crooks' steez so effective and loved on the streets, than I'm sorry, I just thought if it was'nt obvious, then you HAD to be 14.

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DatKid, you seem proud to have the mental capacities of a goldfish. Good for you. Hope that works out for ya in, ya know, life. People bitching and moaning about the re-use of the graphic, and the 'biting' from versace, your all like 14 years old right? Because if you took half a semester to take an introductory marketing or economics course in like grade ten youd know better. Or one in University. Or take marketing @ University, and graduate with a degree in Economics. If you are stupid, please don't stink up the conversation by airing out your retardedness for the rest of us to smell. It stinks.

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I think his "if I did it" TV special that was'nt aired, along with the book, basically means anyone saying he did not do it, can shut the hell up. It's been generally agreed upon that he did it, to the point where the guy wrote a book about how he 'would have' done it. A book that allegedly matches every forensic detail gathered about the case. i.e. a plausable description of events from a legal and historic point of view. The guy did not want to serve a murderer. I don't think this is a race issue. It's a "I dont want to let a murderer dine in my establishment" issue. Good for him. If he then went and contacted news and media to let them know about his magnanimous moral decision immediatly after, then the guy is a douche looking for his 15 minutes. More likely the media heard he was denied service and sought the guy out for a soundbite. Either way he still came off as a bit of an attention seeker. Then again it IS Kentucky, he might just be a real 'character' to use the euphemism one might hear in the south.

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Reactionary pricks exist, and get away with their actions because people have this kind of attitude. "first of all, this whole immigration march is an illegal assembly. everyone single person in that march could've been given a citation if the police were truly dickheads. but no, they gave them the courtesy of the letting them carry out their stupid rally since they think a march across downtown l.a. will actually change the governments mind about immigration." Posted by our good freind URBN. URBN, when it comes to fashion and sneakers your a good guy, but you have no clue, none whatsoever, when it comes to these kind of weighty issues. A citation? There is a thing democracies have, its called the right to free assembly. See otherwise, the police could say your cooking up plots to commit terrorist acts against the government everytime three people get together on a street corner, and lock them up. Like in Syria. Or China. But not in America! Of course if you had it your way...... You See, people need to gather to voice mass discontent. To ban gatherings in public places would be like banning any protest. Thats fine if your the Taliban, but last time I checked no matter how bad they've acted in the past the Republican (and Democratic) parties are NOT the Taliban. America, Land of the free. Rememeber that shit. I'm Canadian, so it's an outsiders view, but it is sad to see the most powerful and largest democracy the world has ever seen sliding slowly into fascism.

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Im native. I rock some ten deep.(actually I got one tee....) This does not offend me in any way. In fact, I appreciate the fact I can buy a hoody or a tee that has some iconography from native tribes. Lets not mention how the peace pipe and war-axe on one tee, and the navaho quilt-work inspired designs on the hoodies are from totally different tribes and areas of the continent. Its the thought that counts. And they pulled it off, for the most part.

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Conspicious Consumption. Supreme's where it's at.

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